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V1.7.0.V0 - 8.0.1
From V1.7.0.0 to V8.0.1


This module allows your customers to purchase gift cards for their loved ones to surprise them (on a birthday, Valentine's Day, etc.), as well as gift cards for your PrestaShop store that are specifically designed to ease system management.

What this module does for you

attach_money Provide up-selling on your store
1. Improved customer experience
Firstly, give consumers what they are looking for in terms of digital gift card solutions, which enable them to order easily online, as well as redeem digitally.  Next, delight them with an effortless customer journey including the option to add personalization via a message.  Then sprinkle on top some ‘timed delivery’ where customers select the date. There are going to be some happy customers at the end of this experience.
2. Increasing sales channels
Another great benefit of gift card solutions is the opening of a new sales channel.  This will generate a new revenue stream as customers come to buy core products but also make additional purchases on digital gift cards for their family, friends,, and colleagues.  More money for retailers, and more variety for consumers.  Win-win!
3. New customer acquisition
Loyal customers of a retail, leisure or hospitality brand are likely to want to share their experience with their friends and family, which can be done with a gift card.  The great thing is that once a new customer receives a gift card, 18% of them will go on to become loyal customers themselves.  This creates a wonderful cycle of new customer acquisition through the medium of gift cards.
So for a small investment in a digital gift card solution, retailers are giving themselves a great source of lead generation and loyalty.
4. Extra revenue from up-spend
Another upside to a digital gift card solution for retailers is "up-spending.  Customers usually tend to add more of their own money on top of the value of a gift card—on average, 67% of the gift card value, to be precise.  All this will boost revenue for retailers.
Furthermore, there will always be cases where gift cards go unredeemed, so while most retailers or leisure operators would prefer the above-mentioned results (new loyal customers), there is value in gift cards that are never redeemed for a product or service.
5. Sustainability
The fifth key benefit to a retailer launching digital gift card solutions is sustainability.  All businesses need to show how they are tackling sustainability, which is not always easy, particularly for smaller businesses.  By using a digital gift card solution, retailers can run this aspect of their business without using paper or plastic, and without the need for physical gift cards.  

What your customers will like

It is the ideal solution for customers who want to please their loved ones...
Your customers can:
  • select a model according to the occasion
  • customize a message that will be presented in the mail as well as pdf
  • select a receive mode the gift card (print at home or mail)


Step-1. Install the module zip and configure the module.
Step-2. Create gift card category and gift cards.
Step-3. Gift cards are ready to be sell 

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Promotions & Gifts


Global Setting
  • To generate a gift card voucher, you can either require manual approval or not.
  • select the order status on which the voucher will be generated.
  • specify a global voucher validity expiration date.
  • Choose how many products will be shown on a single front-end page.
Gift Card Category
  • Create as many categories as you want.
  • Separate controller to add/edit and delete the category.
Gift Card
  • Allow as many gift cards as needed.
  • Assign gift cards to a different category as per your needs.
  • 3 types of price options to choose from by admin.
  • Fixed price
  • Multiple prices
  • Dynamic price
    • Add specific voucher validity.
    • Add a discount on the gift card in form of an amount and percentage.
    • Customers can buy a gift card for themselves or for their friends and family.
    • Customers can choose a specific date to send this voucher.
    • The customer can add their personalized message.
    • All the ordered gift cards can be reviewed by the customer and admin.
    • Mail to admin, when any customer buys any gift card.
    • Mail to customer with their voucher details.
    • Mail to customer, if manual approval is on and has been approved.
    • In the case of purchasing for someone else, mail to friends.


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    • We intend to provide 100% pride to our clients with their buy.
    • We can additionally help you with set up and configuration of the module in case if it’s required.
    • If you have any doubts or queries concerning our module, please send us a message. We would be extra than happy to assist you.

    What's New in Version 7.0.0(01/04/2023)

    • Initial Release

    Support and updates

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    You can cancel your subscription at any time, before the end of the current period.

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    • Unlimited support

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