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Advanced Shop for Fan Page

Advanced Shop for Fan Page Module

Developed by Business Tech

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Create a multilingual and completely customized Facebook shop

What this product does for you


Traffic Improve visibility on social networks


Traffic Help acquire new customers


Stand out from the competition and present your products on Facebook in a completely customized shop tab that will differ from the shop tab natively offered by Facebook and used by many merchants.(x)

Effective way to increase your sales, the "Facebook shop" has become essential in the e-commerce area. It allows you to display your products in sale on your site directly on the most popular social network. Then, you make the most of your Facebook community to boost the traffic on your PrestaShop site.

Natively, Facebook gives you the opportunity to add a "shop" section to your page where you can present your products. However, you are obliged to comply with the design and navigation features imposed by Facebook. You do not have the opportunity to make your shop really unique. Moreover, this tab can only be displayed in one language and product prices are only visible in one currency.

Contrary to the native shop tab, the "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" module allows you to:

  • create a completely customized Facebook shop, whether in terms of design, menu type or display
  • create a multilingual and multicurrency shop
  • not need to submit your products to Facebook for review in order to make them visible for the public
  • make the PrestaShop website's modifications instantly visible on the Facebook shop (changes of price, product image,...)
  • display featured categories on the home page
  • display on Facebook the average rating of each product/category, given on your site (with the shape of stars) if you also have installed on your Prestashop our product rating "Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets" module (available here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/6144-customer-ratings-and-reviews-pro-google-rich-snippets.html)


(x) 1/ So that real-time harmonization between Facebook and your online store is possible, the module has to create a new custom "shop" tab, independent of the default "shop" tab already installed by Facebook on your page.

2/ if you want to create Facebook catalogs and tag your products on Facebook and Instagram, you should choose our "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module instead, that is available here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/23671-dynamic-ads-pixel.html.

3/ Facebook mobile app does not allow custom tabs insertion, like the one created by our module. Therefore, this latter can only be displayed on the Facebook web version. If you want to see your Facebook shop on mobile, you have to choose our "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module (available here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/23671-dynamic-ads-pixel.html) in order to import your products into the native Facebook shop tab (however you will not be able to customize the shop).

To know more about the difference between the Facebook native shop tab (and filled by our "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module) and the custom tab set by our "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" module, read our detailed comparison at this address: https://faq.businesstech.fr/en/faq/230 



  • Simple creation of the Facebook app required for exchanges between your Prestashop and Facebook thanks to a detailed demonstration video
  • Ability to enter your Google Analytics account ID so you can get statistics about your Facebook shop activity and efficiency
  • Ability to configure the Facebook shop in several languages
  • Ability to display product prices with or without taxes
  • Ability not to display the out of stock products
  • Ability to include a "text" search feature
  • Ability to display products in list or grid view
  • Configuration of the number of products to display on a page
  • Option to sort products
  • Display your categories, brands, news, promotions and/or your bestsellers
  • Ability to display the sub-categories on category pages, with images or text links
  • Ability to display a customized banner at the top of the Facebook shop pages
  • Ability to diplay featured products and categories on the home page
  • Fully configurable menu:
  • selection of the number of sub-categories to display in the menu "products" tab
  • Option to sort categories
  • Ability to display a "brands", "new", "promotions" and/or "best sellers" tab
  • Ability to display a tab redirecting to the PrestaShop site CMS pages
  • Ability to display a home page banner
  • Ability to enter your own html code to fully customized your homepage
  • Ability to customize the page footer (text, link)
  • Ability to preview the Facebook shop in a "standalone" mode before linking the app and display the tab on your page


Want to customize your Facebook shop even more? No problem! We offer you a complete tool dedicated to the design of your shop tab. Everything is customizable: from the menu to the page footer, including the "new" and "discount" labels or the product price styles. Change as much as you want the colors (text, page background, active elements, ...) or sizes (text, borders, ...) and make this shop tab an area that sticks to your PrestaShop site identity and that stands out from the competition!


  • "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" module is compatible with the Presta-Module "Ads & Slideshow" module (sold separately on: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/sliders-galleries/2656-ads-slideshow-add-as-many-sliders-or-blocks-you-wish.html) which allows you to replace the standard JPEG static image of your banner by a professional slideshow on the home page of your Facebook shop.
  • The module is also compatible with the Presta-Module "Advanced Top Menu" module (sold separately on: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/menu/2072-advanced-top-menu-responsive.html) which allows you to automatically import the custom menu of your shop as a replacement for the standard menu
  • Finally it perfectly integrates with our "Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets" module (sold separately on: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/6144-customer-ratings-and-reviews-pro-google-rich-snippets.html) allowing you to display the average rating, the corresponding stars and the number of ratings of each product, assigned through our module

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This module is part of the bundle "Social BusinessTech Bundle":

Automatically post your products, categories and brands on your Facebook page with this innovative and easy to use module.

Create a multilingual and completely customized Facebook shop

Let your customers easily register and log in to your shop in 1 click via Facebook, Paypal, Amazon, Google or Twitter.

Bundle price: $17499 View bundle details

What your customers will like

Your fans will like consult your shop's products directly from there favorite social network! The access to your mini shop will be very easy from their Facebook account that they consult daily. They will be very quickly informed of the products selection you will display on your mini shop home page and will access in just one click to your PrestaShop site.

Moreover, they will appreciate to see a Facebook shop completely customized, that stands out from the competition and that reproduces the identity of your site.

Finally, if you link this module with our "Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets" module (available here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/6144-customer-ratings-and-reviews-pro-google-rich-snippets.html), the "Reviews" tab will allow them to consult product ratings and reviews, which will contribute to reassure them.


The Facebook authentication uses and requires the PHP CURL extension. Most web hosts support it, but if in doubt, contact your host before purchasing this module.

If you wish to have your shop tab work on Facebook secured mode (SSL), you will need an SSL certificate. Most large web hosts such as OVH can provide you with a free shared SSL certificate. Contact your web host for more information. "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" was successfully tested with a shared OVH SSL certificate with an address such as https://ssl10.ovh.net/~your_username/

Support and updates

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What is Option Zen?

Option Zen includes two services:

  • Unlimited after-sales support during the period covered by the option
  • Access to all updates for the product during the period

Option Zen is available at a discount when purchasing this product, but, if you miss out, you can also buy it via your customer account later. It is valid up to one year following the date of purchase of your product. The earlier you buy it, the longer you can enjoy it!

What does it include?

The following are included in Option Zen:

  • questions about using the module/theme;
  • solving technical problems related to the module/theme;
  • access to all module/theme updates.

The following services are not included in Option Zen:

  • customization and special development;
  • installing and updating the module/theme;
  • solving problems concerning third-party services, hosting, the server, or the PrestaShop software.


Hi, totally agree, the product match with the descriprion, the documentation is fine and the installation is easy and fast. This is a great module i totally recomend, it make me work more eficentally and fast. The support is fast and they help you so much. Good product and good seller.

Alberto C. - 03/16/2017

Its a great module, the best of all its the fast answer and fix a little bug we find. Many thanks, again.

Diego G. vinotecalavia.com -

Great module that help Facebook user to effectively interact with one's store through the store's fan page. The support service I received was very friendly and proactive

Jonathan Y. www.malbopharmacy.com -

The reviews were selected by the developer of this product according to the satisfaction expressed by the customers.


The shop tab set up by our module is independant of the default shop tab already installed by Facebook in your page. The module creates a new tab that you can name as you want!

What's New in Version 5.2.6(05/24/2018)

  • Some bug fix

About the developer, Business Tech

Business Tech

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Developed by a Top Developer
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.5.4.0 - v1.7.4.4

  • Version 5.2.6 (05/24/2018)

  • Available in en es fr it

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