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Price history on product page

Price history on product page Module

Developed by InnovaDeluxe
V1.6.1 V-
From V1.6.1 to V1.7.8.8


You'll be able to display information on the product page being viewed about its price history. It includes several different types of graphs. The customer will be able to see if the price has gone down or up and make their purchase decision.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Promote impulse buying
Total transparency with your customers, which will make them more confident in buying products in your shop, compared to other much more opaque shops that don't provide this type of information.
In some countries, it's mandatory by law to have this type of functionality on online shops, especially in some specific sectors such as Technology.
Even if it isn't compulsory in your own country, it's a good way to provide confidence to your customers, so that they can make the best purchasing decisions.
It will be a differential factor with your competition.

What your customers will like

You'll help your customers to make their purchasing decisions at the most appropriate time. They'll be able to review the history of the prices that a product has had, in order to decide if it's the right time to buy or if it's better to wait, as it's expected that there will be a price drop soon.
The customer will have more confidence in your shop by being totally transparent with the price information.


Multi-store usage
The module is compatible with multi-store mode. You can have the module installed in all the shops of your multi store and use different configurations in each one, or configure it only once for each shop of the multistore. But remember that if you want to use it on different installations of PrestaShop or Thirty Bees (independent shops), you have to buy a license of the module for each of these installations.


Our guarantees
IDX's team of certified developers will help you with everything you need. We’ll do our best to solve your problem in the shortest possible time. Thanks to our high qualification as a PrestaShop certified agency, we’ll be able to offer you fast and quality solutions. We assure you that you’ll be satisfied with our products and our support.

We offer you the best support. If you have a problem with one of our Prestashop modules, you can contact us so we can help you. 

  • Are you having problems with the module? If the module warns you that an override has already been modified by another module, contact us and we’ll tell you how to mix both modifications so that both modules work correctly.
  • If you have doubts when installing or configuring the module, contact us and one of our technicians will explain to you how to do it.
  • Constant updates: Our modules are always updated to ensure optimal operation with all versions of PrestaShop and Thirty Bees.
  • If you have problems and want us to help, we’ll need to access your online store via FTP and to be granted administrator access. If you don’t give us access, we won’t be able to help you.
  • We only refund modules if they meet the requirements set by PrestaShop in their terms of sales and if the module has a problem that we can't fix. If you don’t intend to give us access to check the problem, don’t request a refund because you won’t receive it.

All the modules we develop are tested with PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7, as well as with Thirty Bees (evolution from Prestashop 1.6). They’re tested with the official templates of each version. It’s possible that if your template is not an official one, you may have to make some aesthetic adjustments to the module. Such modifications aren’t included in the price of the module. You can request to IDX any needed modification as additional work and it will be quoted for you.

Compatibilities with third-party modules and custom developments
Our modules are guaranteed to work with the official PrestaShop and Thirty Bees modules included by default in all shops, as well as with our own modules. They’re not guaranteed to work with third party modules, since there are thousands of them available and it would be an impossible task. You can request, however, a quote for compatibility with any other modules you might need. When we have many requests for compatibility with a particular module, we’ll do it ourselves on our own module(s) and will release it as an update.If you need additional functionalities for the module, you can once again request a quote.Also, you must take into account that we don’t always have the availability for this kind of job, our deadlines to get into this type of custom development can be several months.

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Technical sheet

Latest update


Available in

en, ag, br, de, es, fr, gb, it, mx, nl, pl, pt, ru, ve +8

PrestaShop Compatibility

V1.6.1 - V1.7.8.8

Compatibility MultiShop 

Yes info

Module version

V 1.1.2

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Developer languages

es, en


Price Management


Configurable options
  • Date range: Allows you to select the default date range, which will be applied to the chart. That is, if you select 15 days, the chart will show the price history of the last 15 days in the front Office. This general setting will be applied to the charts of all products. Although in the front Office this parameter can be changed to another date, this date will be applied to the chart for a certain period of time.
  • Primary and secondary colour: Allows you to select the primary and secondary colour for the graphic. This means that the "colour palette" will consist of a primary and a secondary colour. The primary and secondary colours will be: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Green, Blue, Purple or Pink.
  • Colour brightness: Allows you to select how the colours of the palette will be. They can be dark, light or a mixture of both.
  • Hook position: Allows you to select the position on the product page where the graphic will be displayed.
  • Graph type: Allows you to select which graph will be displayed by default. The type of graph can also be changed from the front office if the SELECTOR is active. If the SELECTOR is not active, it will not be possible to change the graphic in the front Office. 
  • Activate selector: Allows customers to change the type of data graph, to display product prices as they wish.
  • CRON configuration: configure cron tasks or scheduled tasks. These are used to periodically execute a script of the module. This type of tasks will be used to regularly index the graphs with the updated data.

Positions (Hooks) where to display the selector or the chart
  • DisplayFooterProduct: Displays the graphic at the bottom of the product detail page.
  • DisplayLeftColumnProdcut: Displays the graphic above the add to cart button. Depending on the template it may be in one position or another.
  • DisplayRightColumnProdcut: Displays the graphic above the add to cart button. Depending on the template it may be in one position or another.
  • DisplayProductButtons: Displays the graphic below the add to cart button.
  • DisplayProductExtraContent: Displays the graphic in the tabs contained in the product detail page.

Types of graphs
  • Bar chart: Each of them has multiple variants, depending on the combinations of each product. That is to say, if a product has 2 combinations, the graph will have 3 variants, the variant without options (as shown in the first image), with one option or with both options. If we have another product with 3 combinations, the graph will have four variants: no options, one option, two or three options. In other words, the variants of the graphs depend on the number of combinations, although it must be taken into account that the variant "without options" can be selected for all products.
  • Line chart: Axes: Both the bar chart (seen above) and the line graph, its Xand Y axes are the same. That is, the X axis is the date and the Y axis is the price. This means that depending on the price of a product on a given day, the bar or line will appear at one point or another.
  • Radar or spider chart: It’s a bit different from the other two charts. The 1st difference is where the date appears and the 2nd difference is where the price appears. The date, as you can see in the image, appears on each "vertex" of the radar and the price on the central axis.


It's advisable to use an automated CRON task, so that the graphs of all products are updated on a daily basis and the data doesn't become obsolete.

What's New in Version 1.1.2(12/15/2021)

  • Corrección en el token ajax

Support and updates

At the time of purchase, your Business Care subscription for your first year is automatically included, then tacitly renewed at the end of the period.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, before the end of the current period.

Services included in your subscription:

  • Security updates
  • Compatibility updates
  • Developments and upcoming features
  • Unlimited support

Want more details? Check out the most frequently asked questions about Business Care.

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