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Yourpay Module

Developed by PrestaShop Partners
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Increase your conversion rate and charge payments securely with Yourpay, the easiest way to accept online payments.
​Install Yourpay's plugin on your PrestaShop online store, create a Yourpay account, and start accepting payments immediately.

What this product does for you


Conversion rate Encourage visitors to complete purchases

  • Conversion rate that optimize the purchasing funnel
  • Create your Yourpay account in 15 minutes and immediately start accepting payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express (no additional contract/merchant ID needed from your bank)
  • Improve your conversion rate by offering a seamless payment experience to your customers: Yourpay lets you host the payment form on your own pages, without redirection to a bank third-part page
  • Keep your fraud under control thanks to our dynamic AI, 3D Secure and Verified by Visa will block fraudsters without losing customers, Risk assesses all transactions in 1-5 milliseconds and analyzes the customer's keystroke, patterns of action and many other factors
  • Hundreds of third-part integrations to enrich your Yourpay set-up (accounting, payment methods, invoicing, SMS...)
This plugin fully relies on Yourpay.js to generate a token that gets used to create the charge with Yourpay: sensitive data will never hit your servers, maintaining a high level of security and preventing you from a heavy PCI/DSS certification.


  • Payments by Visa/MasterCard
  • Payment forms on your own website (no redirection) to maximise your conversion
  • Intuitive dashboard to make your day-to-day life easy
  • Dynamic 3D-Secure and AI, our suite of anti-fraud tools
  • Capture from your PrestaShop’s back-office
  • Refunds from your PrestaShop’s back-office
  • Delete from your PrestaShop’s back-office
  • Charge in 135+ currencies
  • Test/live modes available from the plugin
This plugin is available in English, Polish and Danish

What your customers will like

When you choose Yourpays Prestashop module, you choose quality!
Prestashop secures that the module-investigation meets the highest standards to ensure the quality.
In addition to our own developers reviewing and testing it, it will also be reviewed and tested by Prestashop's experienced developers.
Automatic update
To make it as easy as possible for you, see the webshop when there is an update and often you will automatically be recommended to update the payment solution. Then you do not have to sign up for update service, etc. We think we are the right solution for giving you the best possible conversion in your Prestashop webshop.
We are ready to support you
To ensure you get started, our support team helps you. Our supporters ensure that the entire payment flow works in your webshop before you get released completely. When you're up and running, you'll get a free SEO report from us that tells you what can be improved in your webshop.
Our team is always ready to help you if you need it.


1. Log in to Presta Shop Admin Panel.
  • Go to Modules and then Modules and Services
  • On the Modules and Services page choose „Add new module”
  • Upload Module file in zip format in the Add new module box
  • Install the module
2. Module configuration.
  • On Module confguration, You can create new Yourpay account or fill an already existing one
  • Confgure the module according to the desired specifcations
  • On the module configuration page You can see the following options:
Module environment TEST LIVE.
if set to test - module will use the TEST MerchantID.
Mechant ID’s are downloaded automatically from Your account at Yourpay after login.
YourPay Username
Your username supplied by Yourpay
YourPay Password
Your password supplied by Yourpay
Token is downloaded autimatically from Your account at YourPay after login.
Activate Autocapture?
Module has a feature to automatically capture the amount in the YourPay
system on a specied status for example: delivered. Set „Yes” to activate.
Autocapture on status
Choose the status of order, on which, You want to autocapture from the avilable
order statuses in the shop.
Payment inline.
If You want to use an inline payment method instead of a YourPay pop-up set to „Yes”.
It may not work with some One Page Checkout (OPC) modules, custom adaptation of
the OPC module or a payment template adaptation. Try settng Custom OPC (one
page checkout to „yes” to see if that will help.)
Need boostrap modal.
Module is using part of twitter bootstrap framework, if Your theme is already
using it, than You don’t have to include it. Multiple bootstrap css and java script
can cause issues on the shop.
Custom OPC module?
If You have a custom OPC module already installed, You can try to activate this feature
and see if YourPay module starts working with it.
Display type.
YourPay is offering a few designs of the pop-up window, please choose the one You
prefer. This setting is not taken into consideration if the Payment inline parameter is set to „Yes”.
  • Activate the installed module
3. User creation.
  • If You are creating a new account, choose „I want to create user”, and fill in the required fields:
  • CVR/SE/VAT - CompanyVAT.
  • Contact name - PersonalName, Contactperson at Merchant.
  • Merchant Email - PersonalEmail, Email of Merchant.
  • City - CompanyCity, City of merchant.
  • Company Phone - CompanyPhone, phone number to contact Merchant.
  • Address - CompanyAddress.
  • Postal Code - CompanyPostal.
  • Name of Merchant - CompanyName.
After creating new user and submitting the proper form, the module will automatically fill in the data from Yourpay.
Additional email from Yourpay will be sent to Your email account confirming the creation of a new user.
You will have to send additional information about Your company to Yourpay
4. Using module.
Capturing payment
On the shop backend go to „Orders” and select order, which was paid by Yourpay. Write the amount and press button „Capture”. By default total order value is specified. You can also activate the Autocapture feature.
Split capture / Partial Capture
If You want to make a split capture, fill the field with the desired amount, By default, total capture is prefilled, please change the amount in the field.
Deleting and refunding of captured amounts.
If You want to refund the capture press the „Refund” button on the right. By default the order total amount is prefilled. If You want to delete the captured amount, press the „Delete” button.
General information.
Module has two payment types, in which it can work:
• pop–up
• inline

What's New in Version 4.0.1(09/04/2018)

  • Added 1.7

About the developer, PrestaShop Partners

PrestaShop Partners

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  • Compatibility v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.4.4

  • Version 4.0.1 (09/04/2018)

  • Included in PrestaShop Yes

  • Downloads 157

  • Available in en

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