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V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.8
From V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.8.8


Offer services through bonuses or hourly sessions, tracking and showing your clients the time available, the actions and the tasks performed by hiring time for Training Courses, Support, Consulting and other services.

What this module does for you

event_available Improve catalog management
With this module you will be able to offer in your online shop the service contract that requires to be provided as a consumption measured in time, thus being able to monetize this type of service in your business, directly in your online shop, as if it were any other physical product and improving the efficiency of the time used, by recording the actions carried out and the time consumed in each one, improving communication with its clients by keeping them informed at all times, improving decision-making and prioritization, clearly justifying the unforeseen actions, demonstrate and keep track and account of the time that is dedicated as a courtesy or for which customers are not charged.In addition, you can create promotions that allow you to add free services to your customers' cart, if certain conditions are met, such as training hours, consultations included with the purchase of other products, consulting time to carry out installations and other services that you want to offer. on a trial basis and for a limited time.

Use this module to create new services in your online shop with the following advantages:

  Monetize services that require a delimitation of scope through a method of recording activities and measuring the time in the actions carried out.
  Improved efficiency in decision-making and prioritization, through the ease of recording and accounting of the time available and consumed in each session.
  It improves communication with clients and keeps them informed at all times of the status of the contracted services, as well as allowing them to monitor the activities carried out and thus be able to communicate any changes or make any corrections on the fly.
  It justifies the actions carried out and the time spent on unforeseen events, in addition to recording and tracking the activities carried out as a courtesy and without additional costs.
  It allows you to add services as part of promotions, for compliance with certain loyalty conditions or to offer certain services in trial mode.
  Offer or promote services at a better price by hiring them on an annual, monthly, biweekly or weekly basis and note the actions carried out and the time consumed during the dates between which the provision of the service has been delimited.

What your customers will like

Customers will be able to contract the services with confidence and total transparency, since when logging in to the online shop, they will be able to see, tracking and supervise a history of the contracted services, the status of those services (On hold, In Execution and Completed) each one with a list or log of tasks or actions carried out, the time consumed in each task and the total time available.


Quick and easy installation from the Module Management section of the backoffice, use the "Add New Module" button, select the file downloaded with the module and the installation will be done.The next step will be to configure the products that will be offered as timed services and relate to them a time limit in minutes to provide each service. Once customers purchase their services and the orders that contain them are considered valid, new Service Vouchers will automatically be created to which the actions related to a time in minutes that will be consumed of the total time available in each vouchercan be added.


The purpose of this module is to monetize services so that they can be purchased in advance in your online shop, being able to be added to the cart like any other product and once the order is placed, keep the accounting and tracking of the time consumed during the provision of those services .

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V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.8

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Order Management


  • Shortcuts included from the Prestashop backoffice menu to the configuration sections of the module for consulting the lists of related services, status changes, record and tracking of actions or tasks in progress.
  • In the configuration section of the module called "Services", a timer is assigned to the shop's products intended to be offered as services, with a limited number of minutes by which the customer will receive the service they have requested.
  • The module uses minutes as the minimum unit of time.Thus, for example, a service that a client hires for two (2) hours, will have to be assigned a timer of 120 minutes.
  • When a client places an order for any of the products previously configured in the module, such as services with a timer, once the status of said order is considered valid, a new Voucher or Session will be automatically created in the name of this client in the status “On hold”, this way this voucher is ready to be changed to the “In execution” state and new activities related to the time consumption in minutes of the service provided to begin to be recorded. Note: In general, orders are considered valid when their status becomes "Payment accepted", but this depends on the order status configuration of each shop.
  • For each Session or Service Voucher contracted by a client, a total of available time and the status of the Service Voucher will be displayed. If the time limit for the voucher is reached or exceeded, it will automatically go to the status “Finished ", However, time may continue to be consumed and the surplus in minutes will be shown in negative and in red to warn that the available limit has been reached and exceeded.
  • In the Activities section of the module, the detail of the records of tasks and actions related to a Voucher or Session of the order of a specific client is shown, together with the time in minutes that has been consumed by each of these activities.
  • The lists of Services, Bonds and Activities may be filtered according to different criteria, mainly according to the order and content of each column of the table containing said lists.
  • Customers will be able to see at any time and monitor the status of their requests or orders for services from their private area, by logging in with their username and password from the new section introduced by this module called "Status of Contracted Services".In this section, customers will be able to see each request, the tasks performed, the time consumed by each one and the total time accumulated by all the activities in positive and in green color if there is time available or in red and negative if the time limit has been exceeded. time limit and the service has ended.In addition, in this section the client will also have filters to search for requests between two dates or that belong to a specific order or the service is in a particular state.
  • In the case of products with combinations, the time limit variable in available minutes for each service will always be the same for all combinations, therefore the available time contracted cannot be varied according to each combination.
  • Compatibility with the Prestashop Multi-shop functionality.


  • The module is multi-language and is prepared to show its clients the “Status of Contracted Services” section in the language that corresponds to the client, as long as there are translations for that language.With this module translations for some languages are included and more translations can be included from the Prestashop backoffice section "International"> "Translations of Installed modules" and select the "Service Timer" module.The name assigned to the services offered will also be shown to the client in their language, as long as the translation exists in the configuration of said services.As a recommendation, the description of the tasks and actions carried out for each service should be written in the client's predefined language, since there is no automatic translation method for them to be shown in their language.

  • The module allows you to apply a timer for each service and does not distinguish between the different variations or combinations that may have been created, so it is recommended to create services that do not have combinations or whose combinations do not vary the time in minutes that is offered with the service.

What's New in Version 1.0.0(06/22/2022)

  • Prestashop Validation

Support and updates

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  • Compatibility updates
  • Developments and upcoming features
  • Unlimited support

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