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 Custom order references

Custom order references Module

Developed by Community developer
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Customize the order references as you want. You can include static suffixes, dates, and choose the reference as the order id, incremental or random numbers.

What this product does for you


Productivity Help save time

Customize the complicated references applied by default (type: FDRVBH) by personalized references, simple and easier to handle (example: BRAND-0001).

  • You can choose whether to reindex all the references of the orders, or only the new ones.
  • You can indicate a static prefix in the references.
  • You can include the order date in the references, and choose the format to display.
  • You can choose the type of numbering for references:
> By ID.
> By incremental numbers (you can choose which number to start).
> By Random. It allows selecting how many digits the reference will contain: Example: If you select 4 digits, the reference will be: 0001, 0002 ... If you select 2 digits, the reference will be: 01, 02 ...

  • Simplifies order management, with references to humanized, easy to remember and simpler orders for daily management.
  • Fully automatic process
  • It facilitates the management of orders, by offering reference id more simple, fully customized.


  • Customize order references.
  • Simplify the work with orders, to have references easy to handle and remember.
  • Selection of reindexing of all the orders, or only of the new ones.
  • Static prefix selection.
  • Creation date selection.
  • Selection of type of date format.
  • Selection of type of numbering: by id, correlative or random.
  • You can choose from which number to start the numbering.
  • Compatible with multi-shop and multi-language.
  • Free technical support.
  • Documentation included.

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Support and updates

You automatically get 3 months of support for this product.

For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product.


Standard, Plug & Play.

What's New in Version 1.3.0(10/27/2018)

  • Updated documentation

About the developer

Community developer

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.5.0

  • Version 1.3.0 (10/27/2018)

  • Available in en es fr gb it

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This developer answers your questions in:

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