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PrestaShop Back-End Development training 1.7 - Online

PrestaShop Back-End Development training 1.7 - Online

Developed by PrestaShop
formation - Online Technical Training - PrestaShop Back-End Development training 1.7 - Online



- Be able to extend core PrestaShop functionalities.
- Learn how to develop modules for the shop’s front office.
- Learn how to modify a theme.

Detailed schedule


Target audience : 

Web agencies, freelancers (official partner agencies and freelancers)

Requirements : 
Good knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and object-oriented programming. Knowledge of Sass and Bootstrap 4.


The course is online 
The course is led by a PrestaShop expert, approved by PrestaShop.


The course is online with a PowerPoint presentation.
Plenty of time has been allowed for questions and answers, so that all participants have a perfect understanding of the functions they will be using in their day-to-day work.


1 day, of 7 hours: 9am–6pm with a 1 hour lunch break.


·         PrestaShop installation and configuration. Aims: Find out the prerequisites and how to install and configure PrestaShop. Be able to set up a work environment. Learn about architecture and directories.
·         The PrestaShop framework. Aims: Find out about manipulated classes. Understand how controllers, views (template) and cookies work. Find out about the overload mechanism and development standards.
·         Database. Aims: Find out about naming conventions used in the database. Find out about ObjectModel, DBQuery and EntityManager classes.
·         Smarty. Aims: Understand how Smarty works. Learn to manipulate templates and variables. Discover the functions added by PrestaShop.
·         Module development. Aims: Find out how hooks work and how to create and use one. Find out about how modules are organised and learn to create a new module. Be able to create a back office controller. Be able to use Ajax when developing a module. Find out about the module update mechanism. Be able to use Twig in a module.
·         Symfony development in PrestaShop. Aims: Lean how to integrate a Symfony bundle into a module. Be able to add a bundle and integrate it into the PrestaShop back office.
·         WebPack.
Aims: Understand how WebPack works. Learn how to modify WebPack’s configuration and add new modules. Be able to modify a theme’s source files.
  • JavaScript.
Aims: Understand the changes brought about by ECMAScript 6 (ES6). Learn how to modify the JavaScript in a theme and a module. Be familiar with best practices when creating JS files.
  • Web Service.
Aims: Find out how to use, modify and extend Web Services.
  • VueJS
Aims: Understand how VueJS works. Find out how to modify the stock management component

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