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Product promotion Advanced

Product promotion Advanced Bundle

Developed by Invertus
  • Partner
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pack - Current offers – Make great savings! - Product promotion Advanced - 2
pack - Current offers – Make great savings! - Product promotion Advanced - 3
pack - Current offers – Make great savings! - Product promotion Advanced - 4
pack - Current offers – Make great savings! - Product promotion Advanced - 5
pack - Current offers – Make great savings! - Product promotion Advanced - 6
pack - Current offers – Make great savings! - Product promotion Advanced - 7


Interactive, innovative, compelling – Product promotion Advanced Pack helps for You to attract customer attention, encourage interest, causes desire and leads to faster buying decision!   

What this pack does for you:

  • Boost profit, and offset shipping fees.
  • The source code is clean and commented so it's possible to make changes easily.
  • Present products in a carousel or left/right column.
  • Related products increase per-customer sales.
  • Relate products one or both ways.
  • Display add to cart button.
  • Tell a memorable story about a product or service.
  • Show price with taxes or without.
  • Helps customers to make faster buying decision.
  • YouTube video is SEO Friendly.
  • Increased bandwidth, exposure to your business from everyone who sees your video.
  • More effective way to present a product or service.
  • Visualize benefits for clients.
  • Helps to build reputation as as an expert in a field.
  • Latest information promotes new products.
  • News articles provides easy customer access to new deals.
  • Articles SEO friendly URL's will improve your web store SEO.
  • Easy article management saves time.
  • Many settings options help to display the news exactly the way you want.


  • Manage related products
  • Change module settings
  • Manage videos
  • Manage articles
  • Manage comments
  • Change main settings
  • Manage module hooks settings
  • Change module comments settings
  • Change module images settings
  • Change Facebook like button settings
  • Change sharing settings
  • Change Layout settings
  • View module help information
  • View related products in a product page
  • Add related products to the shopping cart instantly
  • View videos embedded directly in product page
  • Read news articles
  • Change article font size
  • Print article
  • Download article as PDF
  • Generate article RSS feed
  • Email article to friends
  • Browse news archive
  • View news article gallery
  • Share article on Facebook
  • Like article on Facebook
  • Share article on Twitter
  • View related news articles
  • Comment article
  • View news article comments
  • Comment other people opinion
  • Report inappropriate comments



If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. We can also develop custom modules for you or make some core modifications for your PrestaShop web store if needed.
Our company is dedicated to your satisfaction and is always open to your feedback. If you have an issue with our module, please fill in this contact form https://invertus.worketc.com/forms?7 or contact us at help@invertus.eu and we'll do our best to help you.
We are always happy if we can help our customers!

What your customers will like

  • Related products reminds users what they may need or want.
  • Possibility to see compatible or similar products.
  • Ability to add related products to the shopping cart instantly.
  • Saves time by searching for the products.
  • Product review videos helps to get better insight about the product.
  • Leads customers to faster buying decision.
  • Helps to memorize the characteristics of the product.
  • Saves time spent looking for product videos.
  • Web store news provides all the relevant information and saves time.
  • Comments left by other customers help to make a faster decision.
  • News Article gallery captures attention and enhance customer experience.


We are constantly updating our modules, therefore modules are fully compatible with all PrestaShop 1.5.x versions.

To successfully install our modules, please follow these installation instructions:

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Youtube Product Simple:

News Advanced:

About the developer, Invertus



Based in Copenhagen and as the only exclusive PrestaShop Premium Partner in Denmark we are acknowledged as PrestaShop Certified Partners in Scandinavia, UK and Lithuania. Through many years our team has gained wide experience in designing, developing, marketing, training and supporting scalable e-commerce solutions for SME, international multichannel retailers and e-commerce solution providers.

As PrestaShop Premium Partners we guarantee high standards and exquisite quality.

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  • Compatibility v1.5.0.0 - v1.5.6.2

  • Available in en lt

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