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Flash Bundle

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Multiply your sales and improve your transformation rate thanks to Flash sales Pack which includes 2 PrestaShop best sellers : Flash Sales Premium and Pop promo.
2 must-have to boost your conversions and liquidate your stocks easily in order to have a successful website.

What this pack does for you:

Conversion rate Promote impulse buying

Productivity Improve inventory management

  • Increase your transformation rate by up to 59% thanks to flash sales!
  •  Liquidate your stocks quickly and effectively to economise on storage costs
  • Increase your conversions during promotions as well as subscriptions to your newsletter by 20%


1. Flash Sales Premium
With this fully customisable module, you can:
  • Create and schedule flash sales very easily;
  • Display a countdown to indicate the end of the sale;
  • Choose the type of reduction (amount or percentage);
  • Create flash sales for stock (by selecting products very easily for quick liquidation);
  • Create flash sales with different discounts by product;
  • Create flash sales with reduction by category;
  • Create flash sales by country, by type of customer and by currency;
  • Create different flash sales at the same time for different groups of customer.
Banners and visuals:
  • Fully customise your flash sales by associating different banners and product images with your campaign, etc.;
  • Activate or deactivate banners on certain hooks only;
  • The banners include a slider with the cover image of the flash sale and product images;
  • Labels containing the discounts on product files and category pages;
  • One page devoted to each flash sale;
  • Responsive banner

2. Pop Promo (Pop-up)
Pop promo permits you to display a pop-in, which can be seen by any customer as soon as he or she arrives at your store. More adapted to user experience than pop-ups, pop-ins play an essential role in how they are displayed on your page. This module can be used to announce a special offer, a new feature, increase your community on social networks, etc.
By immediately capturing the visitor's attention, the actions proposed with a pop-in get a much greater number of clicks than a slideshow or a single advertising space. 

Pop Promo applies the recommended best practices for these advertising formats:
  • Lightbox effect which allows us to present the pop-in with display highlighting on the web page, in a simple and elegant fashion;
  • Closing of the modal window with a click outside the pop-in, or on the close button;
  • Customization of the time before the pop-in is displayed—to propose an offer or help to your visitors after 30 seconds on your site, for instance
  • Once the visitor closes the pop-in, it will no longer be displayed.
Furthermore, the module allows you to:
  • Configure automatic start and end dates to schedule the pop-in with total peace of mind;
  • Create a pop-in in different languages;
  • Customize the dimensions of the pop-in.


Easy to configure and works like a charm!

Alterni M. www.alterni.com

Good Module, very useful!

Davide r. noigiochiamo.it

Very nice module that makes your products very visible and makes customer click and buy - they simply can't resist. Best regards Bent www.tektronic.dk

Bent C. www.tektronic.dk

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