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V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8
From V1.6.0.4 to V1.7.8.8


Glotio allows you to automate the translation of your entire PrestaShop, you will save time and you can start selling worldwide with a few clicks right away.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Facilitate international sales
insert_chart Increase the visibility of your products on a marketplace
person_add Help acquire new customers
  • Facilitates international sales
  • Translate your store automatically
Glotio is much more than a simple automatic translator tool, is specialized in PrestaShop and it automatically translates many parts of your online store with no need to import/export texts.
Multiply your sales, translating your e-commerce shop in more than 50 languages ​​and selling in many countries! 
Download and install our free module. In the PrestaShop marketplace you can find our certified module. Download it for FREE and create your account in just two minutes.
We analyze your store for translatable content. Our simple wizard will guide you in a few steps through the process necessary for Glotio to track your PrestaShop for translatable material.
Indicate which languages you want to translate your PrestaShop in. Once we know what content is available to carry out the translation, you can tell us which languages you want us to do it in. The first translation to the 1st language is FREE!
Glotio updates your translations whenever you want. The languages that you have translated in our panel will be updated automatically or manually at the time you want, so that you always have your online store updated.
  • Find and replace: You can always find some word or string of words that you prefer to replace by another. With this tool it will now be a piece of cake.
  • Excluded words: You will most likely want to not translate certain words, such as brands or suppliers. You can automatically add them to the exclusion list.
  • Smart Dictionary: No one knows the products you sell as much as you or your team, so you can teach Glotio how to translate certain words.
Boost your SEO: Glotio respects all the SEO of your default language, in this way you can start the organical positioning in any country you decided to sell using their native language.
International Marketing: Exportable data feed in all languages ​​to start marketing campaigns in new countries and multiply your visits. The translations are saved in your PrestaShop, so you can create a data feed in the different languages.
Increase the conversion ratio because you sell in the language of your customers.
Translate your entire online store (catalog, products, categories, attributes, characteristics, manufacturers, suppliers, attachments, etc.) into more than 50 languages ​​in record time.
• Suitable for everyone. No programming knowledge or expert PrestaShop or HTML / CSS required.
You save time. Translate your online store quickly.
• You pay only what you translate, with no monthly fees.

What your customers will like

  • Customers will be able to see the contents of your website in their native language, which will make easier and more comfortable their shopping experience.
  • They will increase their purchases by understanding your shipping and return policies and other use conditions.
  • Improve the user experience, as it facilitates navigation in your e-commerce shop.
  • The translations will be getting better and they will not find typical errors of the machine translations.


The module is pre-installed and ready to be used for versions 1.6 and 1.7 in the "modules" selection of the Prestashop back-office. You can also download it from this Addons page.


You can see our rates
If you have any questions, you can consult our FAQ
LAUNCH OFFER: translate your first language for FREE up to 5 million words. Download the module completely free of charge and start using Glotio right now.
Developed by professionals in E-commerce and very easy to use. From the moment you install the module, a wizard will guide you through all the steps to follow until your store is translated into the languages you choose.
IMPORTANT NOTE: as Glotio is customized with your own translation logic, based on your corrections and the use of the dictionary, the translation quality exponentially increases.
General data protection regulation (GDPR): this module complies with the provisions of the EU general data protection regulation.
Automatically benefit from all system updates. In Glotio we continue working daily to give you the most complete translation service for PrestaShop.
E-commerces that already tested us:
Sabina Store, OnSandals, BuyLopez, Shuzu Lab, Topdormitorios, Climamarket, Dukefotografia, Mosfashion.

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Technical sheet

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en, de, es, fr, it, nl, pl, pt +2

PrestaShop Compatibility

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8

Compatibility MultiShop 

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Module version

V 3.6.9

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International & Localization


  • Translation in more than 50 languages ​​in record time.
  • The translations will always be yours, they will be stored in your databases. With Glotio the translations keep saved in your PrestaShop, even if you stop using Glotio, everything you already translated will stay in your database.
  • You can edit and correct any content in your original language. Glotio is responsible for translating in the others.
  • Improve your organic positioning in new countries. Glotio increases worldwide SEO in all languages. SEO optimized for new languages with custom URLs: translated pages that have custom URLs, Google's best practice for multi-language sites.
  • It allows to make personalized marketing strategies by language.
  • You can exclude words. You will have the option to indicate which words you don’t want to translate. You can indicate those manufacturers and suppliers of your store that are automatically excluded. For example, if you have "Apple" as a manufacturer, it will not be translated into the languages that Glotio translates.
  • Dictionary to create translation rules. Every time you translate something, Glotio improves the translations following your rules (Dictionary and Excluded Words).
  • Find and replace to make changes. If you want to change a translated word, you have the chance to do it with this tool.
  • The module works without altering your original language, zero risk of information loss.
  • Browsers compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc. Compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop, 1.6 and 1.7.
  • Very easy to install and use. User-friendly interface.
  • This module does NOT require a monthly fee or any other charge, you only pay for what you translate.
  • Online support, chat and emails. Email reply max 24h (Mon-Fri).
  • FAQ
What Glotio translates
Glotio translates ALL your PrestaShop texts, for example:
  • The translatable fields of: products, image titles, categories, attributes, attribute values, manufacturers, suppliers, files, countries, CMS, SEO / url, etc.
  • The texts of the modules stored in the database (see technical detail in this regard).
  • In addition, it translates all translation files of the front office: Front office translations, error messages, field names, installed modules, PDFs.
Being a little more technical:
  • Glotio translates each module independently. If your module is not supported, contact us and we will study your case.
  • You can also translate all the texts defined in the PrestaShop administration panel Localization / Translation in Front-Office Translations, Installed modules translations, E-mail templates translations (soon).
What does glotio not translate?
  • Images, infographics, banners. If there is text in the images, glotio is not able to translate them.
  • Video. If there are videos in your PrestaShop, glotio can't translate it either.
If there are texts in several languages ​​that are not stored in the database following the PrestaShop ObjectModel standard.

What's New in Version 3.6.9(01/08/2021)

  • Fixes error with names collision on third parties module objects.

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This developer answers your questions in:
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