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MigrationPro: Prestashop to Prestashop Migration Tool

MigrationPro: Prestashop to Prestashop Migration Tool Module

Developed by Community developer
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Upgrade PrestaShop or Migrating data between PrestaShops.
MigrationPro is safe, easy and wicked fast automated module for upgrade PrestaShop and PrestaShop to PrestaShop migration tool

What this product does for you

Productivity Help save time

What is it for? 
PrestaShop is one of the fast improvement eCommerce platforms at the current time and future. The MigrationPro helps You upgrade old PrestaShop to new featured version and being innovative on your eCommerce business without important data loss. The module also can migrate part of a data to other PrestaShop. e.g. You can share products or customers with other PrestaShop. 

The best solution for migration data from old PrestaShop to clean PrestaShop!

How to use?
MigrationPro is very understandable and has the useful interface for configuration such complex operations. Just the module designed for the Merchants. 

How does it work?
Usually, data migration process is a very laborious process and responsible. Migration process goes in the background between your carts server with sending HTTP requests and AJAX methods.  It is too safe than we know and wicked fast. 

Why is MigrationPro?
MigrationPro has been the #1 selling PrestaShop migration module on the whole market.  MigrationPro developed by the team of experts with the 5 years experiences on PrestaShop to PrestaShop data migration procedure. We have developed an intelligent transportation of the data. Excellent reviews from Merchants are evidence of our professionalism
Assiduous Support. Real Time. Real People. We know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. It’s no wonder that some of our best reviews are about our amazing support.

Our time has started the countdown. Not in our power to stop time. This module helps to save your time for more important things. "To do the migration manually on each product will take 15 minutes from your life. For 1,000 product you will spend about 30 days. MigrationPro will do less than 10 minutes." It's really wicked fast!  :)

Buy now and Save Your time!

We have no limit....
  • Unlimited data migrations
  • Unlimited uses for re-migration and upgrade PrestaShop to the last stable version.
Included plugins:
  • Multi-store shops migration plugin
  • Customer Password migration plugin
  • SEO URLs migrations plugin

It is time to make your life easy. Get the MigrationPro in action!


  • New feature - migrate downloadable files
  • New feature - migrate product attachments
  • New feature - migrate carriers entity
  • New feature - migrate catalog price rules entity
  • New feature - migrate employees entity
  • New feature - migrate cart rule (migrates with customers)
  • New feature - migrate carts
  • New feature - migrate order carriers, order cart rule
  • New feature - migrate customer messages (customer threads)
  • New feature - migrate CMS (and all associated tables in the database)
  • New feature - migrate SEO (meta) entity
  • New feature - migrate product accessories
  • New feature - migrate order messages

- SKU, Product Name, Description, URL*, Quantity, Stock Status, Model, Weight ...
- Base Image, Additional Images
- Base Price, Special Price
- Assign to Product Categories
- Attributes (Color, Size ...)
- Options (Size; Weight, Color ...)
- Extra Fields ( Check-boxes, Drop down-list, Radio buttons)
- Variants: can be grouped with related variants together to form a product 
- Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Tags
- Currencies

- URL*, Name, Description, Base Image, Additional Images

- CustomerID, Username, First Name, Last Name, Email, DOB, Address ...
- Customer Password
- Customer Groups: Preserve relationships with their groups

- OrderID, Order products, Product price, Quantity, Order date, Status, Discount price ...

- Migrate Products and Categories SEO URLs
- Migrate 301 SEO URLs of categories and products

- Customers Name, Rating, Review, Status ...

- Tax rules, Tax rates, Product tax classes ...

- Name, Description, Images

- Name, Description, Images

- Support

- Support


100% UPTIME - Migration process has no effect on the performance of your current store.

WORK ONLINE OR OFFLINE - Migration progress can run on both Online or Offline development environment

PRESERVE IDs - Preserve Product IDs, Category IDs, Manufacture IDs, Order IDs, Customer IDs on the target PrestaShop

SELECT DATA MIGRATION - You can select data type (Categories, Taxes, Products, Customers, Orders,...) you're looking for migration

MIGRATE RECENT DATA - You have just finished a full migration, after that old PrestaShop is still live and continue getting new data, and you want to get new PrestaShop updated with the new data, this feature to avoid starting over again

CLEAR DATA BEFORE MIGRATION - Allow deleting current data (Categories, Manufactures, Products, Customers, Orders, etc.) from the target PrestaShop before migration

FAIL-SAFE MIGRATION - In case the migration accidentally stops during migration due to server shutdown, network down or any other cause. The MigrationPro provides resume functionality to continue on the last point of previous migration, you won't have to start over again

DATA SECURITY - Direct data transfer from source PrestaShop to target PrestaShop, NO third party involved

PRODUCT VARIANTS - Allow creating product variants based on the available combinations of attribute values and features

DETAILED ORDERS - The MigrationPro can migrate full order details.

AUTOMATED IMAGE TRANSFER - During migration, the module will download all original images from source PrestaShop to target PrestaShop. After migration module will regenerate all images by new PrestaShop image rules. 

MigrationPro gives you the opportunity to migrate and upgrade between:
Prestashop upgrade 1.3 to 1.6
Prestashop upgrade 1.4 to 1.6
Prestashop upgrade 1.5 to 1.6
Prestashop upgrade 1.3 to 1.7
Prestashop upgrade 1.4 to 1.7
Prestashop upgrade 1.5 to 1.7
Prestashop upgrade 1.6 to 1.7

Support and updates

You automatically get 3 months of support for this product.

For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product.

Make sure this product runs well on your store for 12 months with Option Zen!

With Option Zen, you get access to ALL updates for the product for one year following purchase. Support from the product developer is available by email to answer all your technical and feature-related questions.

What is Option Zen?

Option Zen includes two services:

  • Unlimited after-sales support during the period covered by the option
  • Access to all updates for the product during the period

Option Zen is available at a discount when purchasing this product, but, if you miss out, you can also buy it via your customer account later. It is valid up to one year following the date of purchase of your product. The earlier you buy it, the longer you can enjoy it!

What does it include?

The following are included in Option Zen:

  • questions about using the module/theme;
  • solving technical problems related to the module/theme;
  • access to all module/theme updates.

The following services are not included in Option Zen:

  • customization and special development;
  • installing and updating the module/theme;
  • solving problems concerning third-party services, hosting, the server, or the PrestaShop software.


This is a life savers !! I have to migrate from an old 1.4 prestashop to a brand new version 1.6 or 1.7 (when all modules will be available) and auto-upgrade just won't work. So I have to migrate my database, which is kind of a brain killer ! Well at least until you get Migration Pro module !! It really is quite easy to install (be really careful to follow minutely the documentation though) and then works pretty well. Tells you where it won't work because of problems in source database so you can make the appropriate corrections and move on. And if you're stuck (which happened to me), the migration pro team is there to help you. They're really responsive and helpful. This module is really worth the price, believe me !!

Yeye F.

Support very good.

Philip B. www.thetonerplace.co.uk

I already try several data migration solutions, but the module "Migration to data from Prestashop Prestashop tool" is the best solution I've found until now. it allowed me to migrate my shop that had a new bug to another shop easily. it is very easy to import your CSV file and in addition it works on all versions of PrestaShop (1.4,1.5 and 1.6 !!) further support of this module is very reactive and receptive. they are very open mind and gives you many tips and are always ready to help. I highly recommend !! you can buy eyes closed ! Teddy

Pierre-alain P. www.van-perla.com


What your customers will like

Customers can log into new PrestaShop with old password (no need reset the previous password) and they can also view the order history and other customer information in new PrestaShop like as old PrestaShop with new features.


Standard PrestaShop module installation. Install the module to the new or target PrestaShop. The MigrationPro module designed for Merchants. The migration process is fully automated and not requires any technical knowledge. Need only enable which data will start to migrate.

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MigrationPro: Prestashop to Prestashop Migration Tool
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What's New in Version 3.1.2(06/02/2017)

  • Improvement module usage

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Developed by a Top Developer
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.3.0.1 - v1.7.2.1

  • Version 3.1.2 (06/02/2017)

  • Already translated into en

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