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Sales by customers & customer groups report and export

Sales by customers & customer groups report and export Module

Developed by Community developer
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Report of total sales by customers. Can be filtered by customer groups, date interval, order statuses, newsletter, opt-in.

What this product does for you


Productivity Analyze your store activity

Merchant can analyze sales by customers and groups, identify best customers or customer groups, or analyize sales by other parameters like date intervals or order statuses. Do you find it difficult to answer questions like: Which customers have cancelled orders this year? What is the total amount for all current orders with statuses "Awaiting bank wire payment", "Awaiting cach payment", "Awaiting Cash On Delivery validation and which customers made those orders? What were last year total sales to customers receiving my newsletter? This kind of information can be generated by this module with few simple clicks!


The module makes it possible to generate report for sales by customers and customer groups by using several filter parameters. Report is displayed in browser, can be saved to PDF or exported to CSV. List of customers is generated by specifying search parameters. Search parameters are set by entering text values to search fields or selecting from predefined set of values.
Report with summed values is generated for the list. The list is exportable to PDF or CSV file.

Backoffice page 'Customer sales report' display list of your shops’s customers with following columns:
- ID
- first name
- last name
- email
- default group
- newsletter (yes/no)
- opt-in (yes/no)
- group (default group customer is member of)
- newsletter (yes/no)
- opt-in (yes/no)
- total tax excluded (total value of all products bought by a customer for selected period of time, if date filter is set and for selected order statuses, if status filter is set. See more details bellow)
- total tax included
- orders (number of all orders customer made for selected period of time and with selected order statuses, if date and status filters are set)
- edit button (clicking the button opens edit page for selected customer)
Note: If multiple currencies are in use at your shop, total values of products bought are converted to shop’s default currency. Conversion rate from the database table 'ORDERS' of your shop is used for the calculation.

This form enables to you display customers that made orders within specified date range. Filter is set by selecting values from date picker form to input values for fields 'Orders from:' and 'Orders to':. Selected values are saved by clicking the button 'Filter by date' and used for further reports. To delete saved date filter, simply click to 'Orders from:' or 'Orders to' text field, delete the value and click 'Filter by date'.

Order status pre-filter selection enables you to limit valid order statuses for the report.
For example, if you want to generate the report for all customer sales that match predefined criteria: 'Waiting for Bank Wire payment', 'Waiting for PayPal payment', 'Waiting for Cash on delivery', you can check these three statuses in the form 'Order Status' and click 'Save'. Now, only customers having orders matching checked statuses are listed.
If no status is selected, status filter is not applied. Thus, selecting no statuses has the same effect as selecting all statuses.
The list of customers can be filtered to generate specific report. For example, you can generate report for all customers that assigned for newsletter and are members of specific group by selecting values in the header of the list of customers. It is also possible to quickly search for individual customers by entering text for customer’s fisrt name, second name or email to text fields in the header of the list.
Bellow the list of customers, total sales are displayed. Those are summed values for total sales for all listed customers.
Summed values are displayed separately in two columns for values with tax excluded and tax included.
Total values displayed in report:
- Products (The sum of all values “total“ from the list of displayed customers)
- Shipping(Total sum of shipping costs made by listed customers)
- Wrapping(Total sum of wrapping costs made by listed customers. The display of wrapping can be disabled, see more details bellow)
- Discounts (The sum of all discounts for listed customers)
- Total (The sum of products, shipping, wrapping and discounts)

By clicking “Download PDF” button, a complete document including the list of customers and the report is generated. List of customers saved to PDF can contain maximum of 50 customers displayed as top customers. (see options bellow.)

By clicking export button on the tool bar, the list of customers is exported to CSV file. The exported file can be opened and edited in Excel document or Google docs sheet. In addition to columns listed in the browser, total shipping and wrapping costs are exported to CSV.

- Display top customers in PDF report – Display 50 top customers (sorted by total values of sales) in PDF report. To display the list of top customers in PDF the same filters are applied as for the list of customer in the browser. Thus, showing the same list as in the browser, but only the top 50 customers.
- Display wrapping costs – If enabled, wrapping costs are displayed in browser and PDF report and exported to CSV

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To display PDF documents generated by the module, PDF reader software is needed, like Adobe Acrobat reader or othe compatible application.
To display reports exported to CSV, an application like Microsoft Excel or Open Office Excel is needed. Application must be configured to use "," for column delimiter.

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- upload the module to your PrestaShop online store
- In the back office navigate to Modules and Services
- under List of modules, navigate to 'Administration'
- find module named 'Customer sales report' and click install
After installation, new menu 'Customers' -> 'Customer sales report' is added to your back office. Click on the added menu to start using this module

What's New in Version 1.0.0(06/11/2018)

  • First version of the module

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  • Compatibility v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.4.2

  • Version 1.0.0 (06/11/2018)

  • Available in en

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