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Push on Cart (Upselling)

Push on Cart (Upselling) Module

Developed by PrestaShop
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Easily increase your average cart value by offering customized discounts to your client in the shopping cart summary !

What this product does for you

Conversion rate Promote impulse buying

Average cart Increase average cart value

With the Push on Cart module:
  • Easily increase your customer’s average cart value
  • Clear unsold products from your inventory
  • Get your customers to discover new products to create a need and even secure their loyalty
  • Create demand for new products
  • Capitalize on impulse purchases
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with customized discounts on select products

Push on cart User Reviews: 
Comment posted on 2015-06-27 
"Your addon helped bring in over a thousand dollars in extra sales. When I updated my website version and design, the module was turned off for a while. I'm glad it's back on again. Thanks again!" M. Pak

Comment posted on 2014-08-29 21:55:04
"Good module, maybe could be usefull to have a random product offer" J. Sánchez*

Comment posted on 2014-03-18 07:31:35
​"Good!" T. Aarestrup

* Feature added to the module !


This module gives you the ability to create customized promotional offers specific to your customers by selecting:
  • The product(s) to highlight
  • The discount amount or percentage
  • The amount or percentage of the offer
  • The adaptation of the promotion to the value of the order
  • The creation of promotions by date and by priority
Discount amounts are automatically displayed in the payment summary.

To maximize your customers’ average cart value, use this module to display products based on specified conditions such as:
  • If the customer has never purchased the displayed product
  • If the customer did not already add the product to their shopping cart
  • If there are no existing discounts in the customers’ shopping cart
These functions help further customize the products displayed during checkout. Configure an unlimited number of products to provide customers countless options and irresistible offers they can’t resist!

What your customers will like

With one click, customers can add last minute products to their order! Thanks to the customized products display in the shopping cart summary, your customers can benefit from:
  • Exclusive discounts on the featured products
  • An easy, one-click purchase without being redirected to the product page


easy to install easy to understand and a great way to market your products

Ahmed A. www.beunique.com.sa

Good module, maybe could be usefull to have a random product offer

Jorge S. avalongadgets.com.mx

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Push on Cart (Upselling)
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