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Focus on 9 essential e-commerce practices in 2020

Focus on 9 essential e-commerce practices in 2020

In just over a decade, online retail has gone from a somewhat marginal status to an unstoppable force. Where buying clothes or tools on the internet seemed rather strange in 2009, it is now the most popular solution for many buyers, and the share of e-commerce is steadily increasing. With new consumption trends, an increasingly social-oriented business and the development of innovative payment solutions, 2019 was a year full of new online shopping opportunities. It's time to get ready for 2020!
To keep up with the 2020 trends, we have concocted 9 essential online retail trends, along with their associated modules, to help you improve your business.

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Mobile devices are essential for 2020

With the daily and widespread use of Smartphones and tablets, buyers' consumption habits have evolved significantly in recent years. M-commerce, or mobile commerce, is a growing market: in 2018, 21% of online transactions were completed on mobile phones, representing a turnover of 16.8 billion Euros (Fevad study - 2018). Mobile phones account for 60% of online retail traffic and 45% of purchases.
Another advantage of mobile online shopping is that it is not just limited to BtoC, but also offers benefits for BtoB. 40% of BtoB revenue comes from mobile traffic. A real development opportunity for online retailers, the forecasts for the coming years are very optimistic, with a 2021 forecast of 54% of total online sales being made on mobile phones.
Discover the modules to become more mobile-friendly:


The security of your shop

Attacks, intrusions, data theft; e-commerce sites can be extremely vulnerable: more than 50% of European cyber attacks target online shops. This makes online retail the 3rd sector most affected by these kinds of threats.

The reasons for these attacks are:

  • 70% of online retailers do not correctly protect their passwords,
  • 97% of web applications are exposed to vulnerabilities
  • 51% of sites are vulnerable to SQL injections worldwide

This is why security has become a major concern for all online retailers, and it's essential to protect your online store.
Discover the modules which can help you:


Payment methods

The payment industry has made somewhat of a revolution in recent years, which benefits consumers, who now have several payment options. The payment methods used by buyers vary around the world. Bank cards are the preferred method of payment for buyers, and are used in 53% of transactions. Electronic payment types, such as Paypal account for 43% and debit cards 38%. The new European DSP2 regulation, which came into effect in September 2019, aims to secure online transactions paid by credit card.
Discover the payment modules that comply with these regulations.


Cross-border E-commerce

Today, consumers no longer shy away from crossing borders and are more inclined to make a purchase from a foreign online retailer. 23% of European online sales are cross-border transactions. 57% of VSEs/SMEs sell abroad.
In the United States, cross-border trade is expected to increase by 12%, which represents an opportunity for sustainable growth and a strong development potential that should not be neglected.
Discover the modules to develop your e-commerce internationally:


A new way to buy: Social Selling

Nowadays, going beyond the social and community aspect, social networks have become a real means of selling your products.
In addition to being an ideal showcase, storytelling platform or advertising space, social networks allow Social Sellers to offer a catalog of products directly available for purchase. Facebook has made the most of this, and now offers Facebook Pay, WhatsApp Pay and Instagram "Checkout" (a payment method directly integrated into Instagram Shopping).

Seize the opportunity to sell your products using social networks:

  • Set up a shop on Facebook
  • Label your Instagram products
  • Use the "swipe up" in your stories
  • Turn your Instagram page into a shop
  • Present your products on social networks with a direct link to their product descriptions


SXO is the new SEO

Search eXperience Optimisation, or SXO, is a performance and lead acquisition strategy that goes far beyond SEO. It combines SEO and UX Design to enhance the user experience from search to lead conversion. The aim is to provide a good shopping experience: 88% of consumers who have experienced performance problems on a website do not return to it. One of the major advantages of the SXO is the customisation options. For example, you can customise pop-up windows according to the user's path (viewed products, order history, etc...).
Discover the modules to boost your SEO:


Abandoned shopping baskets

According to a study by Forrester, the average shopping cart basket abandonment rate is 75%. This represents an estimated loss of income of $18 billion each year.

Some of the reasons for these abandonments are:

  • the proposed payment options;
  • expensive shipping costs;
  • incorrectly indicated delivery times;
  • the obligation to create an account;

Concerns about data security and a lengthy ordering process.
However, 29% of online retail revenue comes from abandoned shopping basket reminder e-mails.
Discover the modules to reduce the number of abandoned baskets:


Highly personalised services as a key part of your strategy

These days, personalised services are a major factor in purchasing: 56% of consumers are more willing to buy from an online retailer who offers a personalised shopping experience. Artificial intelligence also plays a role in the personalisation strategy. It can allow online retail sites to increase their profits by up to 15%. There are different ways to personalise the users experience, depending on the customer's buying path, the seasons and location.
Discover the modules to customise your catalogue:


Speed and UX: the keys to successful navigation

The speed of a website is one of the major criteria for Google ranking. It is therefore imperative to improve your site and make it as fast as possible. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to display, 57% (53% of mobile visits) of visitors are likely to leave the site. 80% of them will never come back to the shop. For every additional second the page takes to load, the conversion rate drops by 7%. According to Google's recommendations, an online store should be properly displayed in 1.5 seconds.
Discover the modules to improve your store's speed: