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Combination Activate / Deactivate

Combination Activate / Deactivate Module

Developed by Webkul
Best seller
V1.6.0.V4 - 8.0.1
From V1.6.0.4 to V8.0.1


Activate or deactivate combinations of your products as per your requirement. Disable the combinations that are out of stock. Change the status of combinations in bulk by uploading a CSV file.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Provides a product suitable to your customers' needs
In an eCommerce store, the products go out of stock for a number of reasons. While browsing your store, a customer finds out a tshirt that he intend to buy. On the product page, the customer finds out that the desired combination is out of stock. A situation like this can be irritating for the customer and make him leave the store.

Default PrestaShop does not allow you to disable the unavailable product combinations.

With PrestaShop Combination Activate/Deactivate module, you can now enable or disable the product combinations with a click. Deactivate the combinations that are out of stock and enable when they become available.

PrestaShop Combination Activate/Deactivate module is compatible with framework version 8.x.x and multi-store feature

Bulk Update Combination Status
Updating the status of combinations of multiple products can be time-consuming and exhausting. With this extension, you can activate or deactivate the combinations of multiple products at a time just by uploading a CSV file.

Deactivated Combinations List
View a list of all the combinations you have deactivated from a separate tab in the back office. Also, you can enable the combinations with a single click.

What your customers will like


Follow the standard installation procedure:
  • Go to the back office-> Module Manager -> Upload a module
  • Upload zip file of 'Combination Activate/ Deactivate'
  • The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop


Note: "In case of any discrepancy, the functionalities/features of the module written in the English language will be final"

Note: It is mandatory for at least one combination to be active at any particular time. If the admin tries to deactivate ALL combinations of the product, an error message will be displayed.


Note -

1. For Module version 4.2.0 and above versions compatible with Prestashop version V1.7.3.1 and above

In file: /src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Product/ProductPage/Forms/form_combination.html.twig

Add this hook

) }}

after quantity section close ‘’ and before ‘’
in prestashop core file – form_combination.html.twig

2. For Module version 4.1.1 and below versions compatible with Prestashop version V1.7.3.0 and below 

(A.) Add hook in return array and after form->createview() 

In file: /src/PrestaShopBundle/Controller/Admin/CombinationController.php

'displayWkCombinationStatus' => Hook::exec('displayWkCombinationStatus', array( 'id_product_attribute' => $combinationId, 'edit_product_link' => $this->generateUrl('admin_product_form', array('id' => (new Product((new Combination($combinationId))->id_product))->id)) ) ),

in generateCombinationFormAction() of CombinationController.php 

(B.) In File: /src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/views/Admin/Product/Include/form_combination.html.twig

Add this hook 


after attribute-quantity section and before attribute-actions class in form_combination.html.twig file 

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Available in

en, ar, ca, de, es, fr, it, pt, ru +3

PrestaShop Compatibility

V1.6.0.4 - V8.0.1

Compatibility MultiShop 

Yes info

Module version

V 5.1.0

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Combinations & Product Customization


  • PrestaShop Combination Activate/Deactivate module is compatible with framework version 8.x.x and multi-store feature of PrestaShop.
  • Disable the combinations of a product you do not want to show on the store.
  • Enable the combinations when they become available.
  • Show the deactivated combinations as out of stock on the product page.
  • Activate or deactivate the combinations in bulk by uploading a CSV file.
  • A separate tab to view a list of deactivated combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: How does this module functionality work?
A: This module provides option to enable/disable the specific combination of products.

Q: Does the latest version of the module is compatible with the current version of Prestashop.
A: Yes, module version 5.0.0 or above is compatible with PS V1.7.8.x and V8.x.x.


Our guarantees:

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If you have any doubts or queries regarding our module, please send us a message. We would be more than happy to assist you.

What's New in Version 5.1.0(12/22/2022)

  • PrestaShop 8.0.0 compatible
  • Activate/Deactivate combination using CSV
  • Show the combination as "Out of Stock" on the front office instead of hiding it.
  • Automatically deactivate any combination if it goes out of stock
  • A separate tab to view a list of deactivated combinations
  • New translation Portuguese (pt) added.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.

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  • Unlimited support

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