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V1.5.0.0 - V1.7.8.3
From V1.5.0.0 to V1.7.8.3


This module helps administrators to log visitor’s ip, city, country, region, zip, longitude, latitude, and time zone in database and visitors management from back-office.

What this module does for you

person_add Analyze website traffic
This will help to get detail about each visitor. This data helps to make business decisions, know seo, and marketing campaign output.
This module helps to get visitors' information inside store back-office instead of visiting online analytics and statistics websites like google analytics, Statcounter, etc.
The loading time of script from analytics websites takes time on the home page and good speed on the home page is important for SEO. This module helps to overcome this issue.
The main goal of any visitor management system is to properly and effectively process and track guests.


Step 1:  Upload module zip file from back-office Module & Services menu tab. Module Manager area using the upload button. After the successful installation module menu, the link will appear in the left menu or top menu in the back-office more area.
Step 2: Install the module using the install button.
Step 3: Visit module management page from back-office "More" area (section) in the left menu in back-office.
Step 4: The module installation process is very easy, how module configuration works can be seen in the demo instance.
Step 5: Please visit our demo instance for module configuration and usage demo.

- Module works without making any change in the existing PrestaShop file so that existing customization and theme change do not affect.
- We provide free technical and feature support in installation, configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product.
- Free support on installation, configuration, and customization as per store requirements for example new hook addition on your store.


Please leave your valuable feedback and rating after purchasing and using the module. 

This will help to increase self-confidence, improve service and enhancements in the module as per requirements to make it better for different online stores.

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PrestaShop Compatibility

V1.5.0.0 - V1.7.8.3

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V 7.5.0

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Analytics & Statistics


- Visitors management facilitates security via details information about each visitor.
- Electronic or written record of every guest who has visited your site.
- Designed to improve security by providing a digital record of who visits on-site.
- Support multiple browsers and operating systems.
- Helps to find targeted audience visits and conversions in sales.
- Help in analysis, statistics, out of SEO and marketing campaigns.
- Alternate option instead of using analytics script from Google Analytics and Statcounter.
- SEO friendly. 
- Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc. 
- Lightweight. (Smaller file size, which loads faster.) 
- Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions. 
- Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers. 
- Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, reach targeted audiences. 
- Multiple browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Edge). - Mobile, Tablet, and all devices compatible. 
- Multi-language and Multi Store compatible.
- Module works without making any change in the existing file on PrestaShop store versions. 
- 24*7 Support
- Good Documentation


Please visit the developer's modules listing page on the marketplace for other useful, suitable modules for online stores.

What's New in Version 7.5.0(07/27/2021)

  • The enhancements in the module for Geolocation details of the visitors IP address, log urls helps to know visitors from Adwords campaign and who placed an order on the website, Date+Time of the visitors and versions 1.5,1.6,1.7 compatibility.Alternate Geolocation support added.IpStack Integration.Multiple browsers compatibility(IE,Firefox,Opera,Safari,Chrome and Edge).Mobile,Tablet and all device compatible.Multi-language and Multi Store compatible.URLs added.Unlimited statistics lifetime
  • Les améliorations dans le module pour les détails de géolocalisation de l'adresse IP des visiteurs, les URL des journaux permettent de connaître les visiteurs de la campagne Adwords et qui ont passé une commande sur le site Web, la date + l'heure des visiteurs et la compatibilité des versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7. Prise en charge de la géolocalisation alternative Ajout.IpStack Integration.Compatibilité avec plusieurs navigateurs (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome et Edge).Mobile, tablette et tous les
  • Die Erweiterungen im Modul für Geolokalisierungsdetails der Besucher-IP-Adresse, Protokoll-URLs helfen, Besucher aus der AdWords-Kampagne zu kennen und wer eine Bestellung auf der Website aufgegeben hat, Datum + Uhrzeit der Besucher und Kompatibilität der Versionen 1.5,1.6,1.7.Unterstützung für alternative Geolokalisierung hinzugefügt.IpStack-Integration.Mehrere Browser-Kompatibilität (IE,Firefox,Opera,Safari,Chrome und Edge).Mobile,Tablet und alle Geräte kompatibel.Mehrsprachige und Multi Store
  • De verbeteringen in de module voor geolocatiegegevens van het IP-adres van de bezoekers, log-urls helpen om bezoekers van de Adwords-campagne te kennen en wie een bestelling op de website hebben geplaatst, datum+tijd van de bezoekers en compatibiliteit met versies 1.5,1.6,1.7. Alternatieve ondersteuning voor geolocatie toegevoegd. IpStack-integratie. Compatibiliteit met meerdere browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome en Edge). Compatibel met mobiel, tablet en alle apparaten. Compatibel met
  • Forbedringerne i modulet for geolokaliseringsoplysninger om de besøgendes IP-adresse, log urls hjælper med at kende besøgende fra Adwords-kampagnen, og hvem der placerede en ordre på hjemmesiden, dato og tid for de besøgende og version 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 kompatibilitet. Understøttelse af alternativ geolocation tilføjet. IpStack-integration. Kompatibilitet med flere browsere (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome og Edge). Mobil, tablet og alle enhedskompatible. Flere sprog- og Multi Store-kompatible. UR
  • I miglioramenti nel modulo per i dettagli di geolocalizzazione dell'indirizzo IP dei visitatori, gli URL di registro aiutano a conoscere i visitatori dalla campagna Adwords e chi ha effettuato un ordine sul sito Web, la data e l'ora dei visitatori e la compatibilità delle versioni 1.5,1.6,1.7. Supporto per la geolocalizzazione alternativa aggiunto.Integrazione IpStack.Compatibilità con più browser (IE,Firefox,Opera,Safari,Chrome e Edge).Mobile,Tablet e tutti i dispositivi compatibili.Compatibile
  • Udoskonalenia w module szczegółów geolokalizacji odwiedzających Adres IP, adresy URL logów pomagają poznać odwiedzających z kampanii Adwords i kto złożył zamówienie na stronie, Data+Czas odwiedzających oraz kompatybilność z wersjami 1.5,1.6,1.7.Alternatywna obsługa geolokalizacji dodano.Integracja z IpStack.Kompatybilność z wieloma przeglądarkami (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome i Edge).Zgodność z urządzeniami mobilnymi, tabletami i wszystkimi urządzeniami.Zgodność z wieloma językami i wielom
  • As melhorias no módulo para detalhes de Geolocalização do endereço IP dos visitantes, urls de registro ajudam a conhecer os visitantes da campanha de Adwords e quem fez um pedido no site, Data + Hora dos visitantes e compatibilidade de versões 1.5,1.6,1.7. Suporte alternativo de Geolocalização. adicionado.IpStack Integration.Múltiplos navegadores de compatibilidade (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome e Edge) .Mobile, Tablet e todos os dispositivos compatíveis.Multi-idioma e Multi Store compatíve
  • Las mejoras en el módulo para los detalles de geolocalización de la dirección IP de los visitantes, las URL de registro ayudan a conocer a los visitantes de la campaña de Adwords y quién realizó un pedido en el sitio web, la fecha y hora de los visitantes y la compatibilidad de las versiones 1.5,1.6,1.7. Agregado.IpStack Integration.Compatibilidad con múltiples navegadores (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome y Edge) .Mobile, Tablet y todos los dispositivos compatibles.
  • Förbättringarna i modulen för geolokaliseringsinformation om besökarnas IP-adress, logg-webbadresser hjälper till att känna besökare från AdWords-kampanjen och vem som har gjort en beställning på webbplatsen, datum + tid för besökarna och version kompatibilitet. Stöd för alternativ geolokalisering lagt till.IpStack Integration.Multiple browsers compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Edge) .Mobile, Tablet and all device compatible.Multi-language and Multi Store compatib
  • Усовершенствования в модуле геолокации: детали IP-адреса посетителей, URL-адреса журналов помогают узнать посетителей из кампании Adwords и которые разместили заказ на веб-сайте, дата и время посетителей и совместимость с версиями 1.5,1.6,1.7. Поддержка альтернативного геолокации. добавлено. Интеграция IPStack. Совместимость с несколькими браузерами (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome и Edge). Совместимость с мобильными устройствами, планшетами и всеми устройствами. Совместимость с несколькими я

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