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Survey & Poll builder

Survey & Poll builder

Description: survey and poll builder is a powerfull tool for creating, editing and managing surveys&polls for your prestashop based website. Features: back office: create surveys, using text, textarea, textbox, dropdown, checkbox, radio button, date picker, file upload, button elements specify type of data (email, number or text) for textbox element specify acceptable file extentions for file upload element add labels, descriptions to any element specify which elements are required specify default values add title to surveys and polls add surveys to your prestashop home page or to any product page create polls using text, button and checkbox or radio button elements add polls to your prestashop homepage, left column, right column or to any product page translate polls and surveys preview surveys and polls before saving them edit, delete or disable/enable surveys and polls change position of elements with simple drag and drop function review polls and surveys results indicate whetherper you wish to allow your users to vote or to take surveys only once indicate whether you wish to use cookies indicate whether you wish to allow only registered users to vote and take surveys front office: vote on polls display poll results take surveys view polls and surveys in different languages required survey elements are marked with symbol * error messages if field is filled in incorrectly success message if survey is sent note message if user has already took that survey (this option has to be set at backoffice) installation: unzip archive spbuilder. Zip; upload it‘s content to your prestashop modules folder. Set permissions 777 to spbuilder/attachments/ folder (if you do not know what it is, google chmod directory 777) login to your prestashop admin panel; find survey and poll builder module under modules tab in other category; click install; demo: prestashop v1. 3: demo address: http://www. Invertus. Lt/demo/ps13/ demo admin address: http://www. Invertus. Lt/demo/ps13/admin1/ prestashop v1. 4: demo address: http://www. Invertus. Lt/demo/ps14/ demo admin address: http://www. Invertus. Lt/demo/ps14/admin1/ demo user login: username: demo@invertus. Lt password: demologin