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PrestaMobApp - Native App Builder for Android and IOS

PrestaMobApp - Native App Builder for Android and IOS Modul

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Create a fully functional mobile app for your eCommerce store to serve mobile users with a better shopping experience. PrestaMobApp module helps you build a fully functional native app for IOS and Android. 

Vorteile und Modulbeschreibung


Navigation Hilft bei der Gewinnung von Kunden mit Smartphone/Tablet

The PrestaMobApp is your go-to module for building Android and iOS mobile application of your online store without coding for it. Building an app from scratch requires a lot of time, resources and technical knowledge but with our module, you can have your own customized app in no time at all.
The module is developed to save the merchants from the hassle of creating a mobile application to double their profits with mobile commerce. Doing business on the website alone means you are losing a lot from the mobile commerce market. Expand your business to mobiles and smart gadgets with an easy to use application builder.

The demo app is also available on the android play store. You can search by name "PrestaMobApp", download and install to see it in action.

Code Free Mobile Application Development
The module helps you develop a complete mobile application without writing even a line of code.

Easy admin panel and personalization
It is quite easy to use and modify the admin panel of your mobile application for better usability.

Ask for limitless customization
You can ask us or any customization, our team of developers will be there to satisfy your needs(may require extra charges).

Customize to your needs
The PrestaMobApp module offers endless possibilities of customizing the mobile application of your eCommerce website. You can originate another copy of your online store as a mobile version.

Increase User Interaction
Online buyers find it more comfortable to browse and shop for products in a secure mobile application. Having an application means gaining their trust and engaging them in your online presence.

Decrease Unfinished Purchases
One of the core reasons you might be facing cart abandonment is the absence of a mobile application. The users may find your website in a mobile browser but would like to switch to the desktop version for checkout. In the process, they may change their decision and leave with unfinished purchases.

Build a brand with App
A brand shows concern about its loyal and potential customers with a dedicated app for browsing new products, deals, and secure payments. Build your brand fast with a mobile app.


Select Eye-appealing Color
You can select a color that seems to be more eye-appealing for the age-ground, gender, and ethnicity you aim to reach out with an android and iOS application.

Customize Home Screen Layout
The PrestaMobApp helps you customize the home screen of your business application that is easy, simple, and usable. You can modify different elements of the home screen such as:
  • Slider
  • New Products
  • Popular Products
  • Best Sale Products
  • On Sale Products
  • Grid Banner

List Products and Categories
Let your potential customers avail an enticing shopping experience with multiple product and category listings. The attractive products pages with brief and detailed descriptions compel users to take action and convert.

Facilitate users with Swipe Product Browsing
The business applications assist users in exploring more of your store items. The more they explore, the more they buy.

Multi-Lingual store
PrestaMobApp helps you replicate a multi-lingual online store into a complete mobile application. Let your customers shop around in a familiar language. 

Responsive Application
The mobile application is responsive to multiple screen sizes either it is a smartphone or tablet. The users will enjoy using the application on their devices with varying screen sizes.

Utilize Multiple Shipping Methods
The mobile application of your business website is compatible with multiple shopping methods and carriers. Bring all your shipping facilities to the mobile app.

Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
PrestaMobApp module builds you a mobile application that supports multiple payment methods you have on your eCommerce website.

Integrate any specific payment provider
In addition to the commonly used payment gateways, we can also customize app for any custom payment option in Android and iOS application(may require some extra time).

One-Screen simple Checkout
Assist your users with easy and simple checkout method on smart screens of their varying mobile devices.

Track Orders in Real Time
Get to know about each order through mobile applications with a real-time tracking facility. The order data syncs quickly with your website.

Error Free Syncing between website and app
The PrestaMobApp module syncs data between the website and your mobile app to ensure orders are not placed for out-of-stock items, or a sale offer displays in the app as soon as it is added to the website.  

Hassle free inventory management
The timely syncing of a mobile application with a website helps you better manage the inventory levels. a purchase through application updates the overall stock status in real-time.

Add Coupons and Vouchers
The mobile application build with PrestaMobApp module supports the creation of coupons and vouchers for promoting products and increasing store revenues. 

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  • Tired of receiving spam emails? Our module allows you to integrate Google protection on your registration and contact form. Spam emails are blocked. Your customers do not need to copy anti-robot code.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do we need to pay anything else for my app to be up and running?
A: No, we do not charge anything else but you need to have the Apple App Store and Google Play Store account to publish your app. The Apple App Store cost $99 annually and Andriod App Store cost a one-time payment of $25.

Q: What if I don't have Apple and Andriod store account, could you publish app for me as well?
A: Sure, we would be happy to publish app on both stores, it will cost you extra 160$ paid one time.

Q: When will I get my app after the purchase of the module?
A: You can get your app in Three working days after you send us the filled pre-req form.

Q: What if I want to include a shipping method or payment gateway not available?
A: We would customize one payment gateway and one shipping method of your choice for free. After that, we will charge you as per your requirement. 

Please note that third party module may not work with the app.  If you need to make all the third party plugin compatible with App, you will have to pay an extra fee.

Support und Updates

Sie profitieren automatisch von 3 Monaten Support für dieses Produkt.

Für 90 Tage nach dem Kauf können Sie sich über technischen und funktionalen Support sowie über Zugang zu verfügbaren Aktualisierungen für dieses Produkt freuen.

Garantieren Sie mit der Option Zen 12 Monate lang ein reibungsloses Funktionieren dieses Produkts in Ihrem Online-Shop!

Dank der Option Zen haben Sie für ein Jahr ab Kauf Zugang zu ALLEN Aktualisierungen des Produkts. Der Entwickler des Produkts begleitet Sie über E-Mail-Kommunikation mit Antworten auf alle technischen und funktionsbezogenen Fragen.

Was ist die Option Zen?

Die Option Zen beinhaltet zwei Services:

  • einen während der Laufzeit der Option unbegrenzten After-Sales-Support;
  • den Zugang zu allen Updates des Moduls oder Themas während dieses Zeitraums.

Die Option Zen wird beim Kauf dieses Produkts zum Vorteilspreis angeboten. Darüber hinaus kann sie auch nach dem Kauf dessen über Ihr Kundenkonto erworben werden.rnSie ist ab dem Kaufdatum Ihres Produkts bis zu ein Jahr gültig. Je eher Sie es kaufen, desto länger profitieren Sie davon!

Was beinhaltet die Option Zen?

Die Option Zen umfasst:

  • Beantwortung von Fragen zur Nutzung des Moduls/Themas;
  • Lösung technischer Probleme im Zusammenhang mit dem Modul/Thema;
  • Zugang zu allen Updates des Moduls/Themas.

Folgende Leistungen sind nicht in der Option Zen inbegriffen:

  • Personalisierung und spezifische Entwicklung;
  • Durchführung der Installation und von Updates des Moduls/Themas;
  • Lösung von Problemen bezüglich der Dienstleistungen von Drittanbietern, des Hostings, des Servers oder der PrestaShop-Software.

Option Installation

Get a mobile application for your online store with the following three steps.

Step 1: Download and Install PrestaMobApp Module from Prestashop Addons and install it on your store.
Step 2: Fill a prereq from inside the module .zip file and share it with us. The prereq form contains a key that you will get after installing the module and some basic information i.e app name, logo etc
Step 3: Receive APK/IPA files containing your fully build app from us within three days
Step 4: Publish API/IPA on android and apple app stores

Note: Contact us anytime if you fail to understand or complete any stage. 
Third-Party charges may apply.

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.0.2(05.08.2019)

  • Bugs fixed for PS-1.6, PS-1.7

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FME Modules is comprised of dedicated PrestaShop Developers and Designers. FME developers strive for creativeness, excellence and result oriented PrestaShop solutions. We consider the practice of developing PrestaShop Themes and Modules as our life’s endeavor and not a business.

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  • 3 Monate Support gratis (Mehr dazu)
  • Von einem Top Developer entwickelt
  • Kompatibilität v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.6.1

  • Version 1.0.2 (05.08.2019)

  • Verfügbar in EN

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