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V1.5.0.0 - V1.7.8.6
Von V1.5.0.0 bis V1.7.8.6


Convert your store into a feature-rich marketplace & increase your avenues of income. Let customers register as a seller to sell products & earn a commission on each sale. Also, the module is now MultiShop compatible.

Was dieses Modul für Sie bedeutet

directions_car Personalisiert Ihren Onlineshop
Marketplaces are growing each day even in eCommerce. The reason being, most manufacturers & brands even with their own website are offering their products on the marketplaces to increase the chances of sales.  

With our Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace Module, you can offer your customers to register themselves as a seller. Registering as a seller will enable them to sell their products to the customers of the marketplace. And, in return for each sale made by the seller, you can charge a commission from the seller. In this way, you & the seller both can make money from the sale of a single product only. 
The Marketplace also enables store owners to allow the use of their own payment methods by the sellers. Information like top 5 orders, admin commission summarydue/settled amount is also available at the seller’s end to provide convenience in managing books.  

Store administrators can also manage seller productsseller’s reviewsadd/edit seller details etc. They can also choose to distribute the shipping cost of orders between themselves & sellers. There are many events on which the admin can choose to notify the seller via mail.  
There are various other benefits too that this module can bring for store owners & sellers. Those benefits are listed hereinbelow. 

The module is now multi-shop compatible.
Admin Benefits 

  • Create a full-fledged marketplace & invite other merchants to sell on the store. 
  • Allow multiple sellers to register on the store. 
  • Set global commission to apply on all the products of marketplace sellers. 
  • View the total earning of each seller separately. 
  • Settle seller due amount and manage the transaction details. 
  • Set commission rate on shipping. 
  • Add products for sellers from your end. 
  • Allow or restrict sellers to update their orders. 
  • Also, assign your own products to the sellers. 
  • Add low stock level notification on seller products/combinations. 
  • Add seller & product details in multiple languages
  • Allow/restrict the sellers to manage the visibility of their products. 
  • Allow or restrict sellers to add tracking details
  • Choose to show/hide the tracking number in tracking URL. 
  • Enable/disable automatic approval of seller request as well as seller reviews. 
  • Enable/disable the automatic approval of seller products. 
  • Choose to activate/deactivate the seller’s shop as per the requirement. 
Seller Benefits 

  • Add/edit products from your own. 
  • Manage orders & view total earnings/commission
  • Convenient & friendly registration process on the marketplace. 
  • Integrated dashboard to view recent orders & track sales performance
  • Edit your profile details at any time. 
  • View your profile details, added products & reviews posted by customers in a separate section. 
  • Add features & the feature values (if allowed by admin) to assign on your products. 

Was Ihre Kunden schätzen werden

  • Customers get the opportunity to start their online business by becoming a seller on the store. 
  • A vast list of product becomes available for the customer cause of multiple seller shops. 
  • Customers can view the rating of sellers to decide better on their purchase. 
  • Customers can contact sellers in case if any issue arises. 
  • Customers can post reviews on the seller’s shop. 


  • Go to the back office-> Module Manager -> Upload a module
  • Upload zip file of ‘Marketplace
  • The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop


Note: "In case of any discrepancy, the functionalities/features of the module written in the English language will be final"

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Kompatible PrestaShop-Versionen

V1.5.0.0 - V1.7.8.6

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Modul / Vorlagenversion

V 5.4.1

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Commission Management 

  • Admin can set global commission which will be applicable on all the marketplace sellers. 
  • Set seller wise commission. 
  • Admin can choose to keep the whole tax amount, distribute tax to the seller, or distribute between him and the seller proportionally. 
  • Admin can add admin commission and admin tax in percentage, a fixed amount or Both (Percentage and Fixed Amount). 
  • Admin can set commission rate on shipping while order carrier distribution is set to Both. 

Payment Management 

  • Admin can add payment modes through which he can transfer the seller’s amount. 
  • The seller can choose any payment mode provided by the admin to receive payment. 
  • By default, shipping price goes to admin

Order Management & Transaction Details 

  • A seller can view the top 5 orders on the seller’s dashboard. 
  • A seller can view the total amount of the order as well as the admin commission summary on the order details page. 
  • Sellers can view the currency wise earnings and admin commission summary in the transactions section. 
  • A new column named “Seller Shipping” is added to the Transactions tab.
  • Total earnings detail from all the sellers will be available to admin on the “Manage Seller Orders” page. 
  • A seller can view the total earning made on the marketplace store. 
  • Admin can view the total earnings of each seller separately. 
  • A seller can update the order status
  • Admin can view seller details on the orders page. 
  • Voucher details will be available to sellers on the order details page. 
  • Admin can view the number of pending orders on the “manage seller orders” page if earnings are displayed on the basis of payment accepted orders. 
  • Once payment for the order is accepted, then a seller can view their due amount that has to be paid by admin. 
  • Admin will also have the information of due and paid amount at their end. 
  • Admin can settle seller due amount and manage the transaction details on the marketplace from the backend. 
  • Sellers can view their due amount as well as the amount that has been settled by the admin in transaction detail. 
  • Rollback seller transaction data if admin/seller changes the status of an order to cancelled. 
  • Sellers can add the tracking number, URL & can also send these details via mail to the customer. 
  • Sellers can also manage the display of tracking details on the order details page as per the configuration settings. 
  • Admin can allow or restrict sellers to add the tracking details. 
  • An admin can choose to update the tracking number on the PrestaShop order’s tracking number if the order has products of a single seller. 
  • Admin can choose to display tracking number in tracking URL. 
  • Admin can show or hide the tracking number and URL to a customer on the order history page. 

Shipping Distribution 

  • Admin can set distribution from the carriers list whether shipping cost will go to admin, seller or both. He/she can distribute the shipping amount of seller products only. 
  • An admin can enable/disable shipping distribution settings from back-office approval settings. 
  • Admin can configure whether shipping will be distributed between admin & seller or not. In case, if admin product exists with any seller product in the same order and that order carrier distribution is set as Seller/Both. 

Product Management 

  • Sellers can create products.  
  • Admin can enable/disable the automatic approval of seller products. 
  • Admin can activate/deactivate the seller’s products. 
  • Allow/restrict the sellers to activate/deactivate their products. 
  • Admin can assign the existing admin products to the sellers. 
  • Admin can also add products on behalf of the seller. 
  • Set whether to show the admin commission to the seller or not. 
  • Admin can assign multiple products to a single seller. 
  • Sellers can add taxes to their products based on rules provided. 
  • The seller can add SEO to their products 
  • Sellers can duplicate their products if enabled by admin. 
  • Admin can also duplicate the seller’s product on behalf of the seller. 
  • Configure whether a duplicate product will be created with zero quantity or original product’s quantity. 
  • Admin can set prefix title for duplicate product. 
  • Allow/restrict sellers to apply admin added shipping methods to the products. 
  • Admin can allow sellers to add delivery time and apply additional shipping costs on their products. 
  • Allow sellers to add low stock level for notification on their products or combinations. 
  • Sellers can add EAN-13, UPC barcode, ISBN, and reference code to their products. 
  • Option to create combinations for the products using admin added attributes and values. 
  • Sellers can add minimum quantity, wholesale price, and price per unit on their products. 
  • Admin can allow/restrict the sellers to manage the visibility of their products. 
  • Seller ratings summary will display on the Product page and Seller Profile page. 
  • Sellers can also select the availability preferences for the out-of-stock products. 
  • Enable sellers to display “On sale!” flag on their products. 
  • An edit product button on seller product details page is added.
  • Admin will not be able to choose combination, features and shipping while assigning a product to the seller. By default, all will be assigned to the product.

Customer Settings 

  • If enabled by the admin, then only registered customers can contact the sellers. Otherwise, all the customers whether registered or unregistered can contact the sellers. 
  • Customers can give reviews to the sellers and view their ratings and reviews. 
  • Customers give feedback on the seller’s review that the review is helpful or not. 
  • Admin can set the order in which the reviews will display on the seller’s profile page. 
  • Admin can also specify the number of reviews to display on the seller’s profile page. 
  • Add rewrite URL for seller’s all reviews page. 

Seller Profile Management 

  • Admin can activate/deactivate the seller’s shop. 
  • Admin can allow sellers to activate/deactivate their shop. 
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to add, edit, and delete attributes/features and their values. 
  • Admin can enable/disable automatic approval of seller request as well as seller reviews. 
  • Add terms and conditions in the seller registration form. 
  • Sellers can add a tax identification number to their profile. 
  • Sellers can change the display settings as per the options provided by the admin. 
  • Sellers can contact the admin via email from the edit profile page. 
  • Admin can add rewrite URL for seller’s profile and shop page. 
  • Add YouTube ID under social channel in profile. 

Multi-Language Functionality 

  • Admin can enable/disable the multi-language functionality
  • The marketplace sellers can select their default language
  • A seller can add seller details and product details in different languages. 
  • A seller can provide a unique shop name for the shop URL. This unique name will be the same in every language. 
  • Admin can also add seller details and product details in different languages. 

Event-Based Notifications 

  • Email notification to the seller on approval of seller request or creation of seller by admin. 
  • Mail to seller on the disapproval of seller’s request. 
  • Mail to seller on the approval/disapproval of seller’s product. 
  • Email notification to the seller on deletion of seller’s account by admin. 
  • Mail to seller when admin assigns a product to the seller. 
  • Mail to seller when its product gets sold. 
  • Email notification to admin when a new seller request is placed. 
  • Mail to seller when an admin deletes the seller’s product. 
  • Mail to admin when seller adds a new product. 

General Configuration 

  • Allow/restrict custom CSS for Marketplace. 
  • Admin can customize the display of seller details
  • Admin can change the background and text colour of the marketplace page title at the front end. 
  • Both admin and seller can view their earnings of payment accepted orders or of confirmed orders on the transaction page. 
  • Admin can enable/disable the display of user-friendly URL. 
  • Admin can specify the SEO friendly prefix for the seller’s profile, shop, and all reviews page. 
  • Display “Become a Seller” option on the navigation bar, footer bar, and bottom info bar at the front end. 
  • Allow/Restrict sellers to update their orders. 
  • Display the selected order statuses to sellers to update order. 
  • The module is GDPR compliant. 


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Neue Funktionen von Version 5.4.1(26.04.2022)

  • Fixed seller settlement issue
  • Fixed seller order creation issue with voucher
  • Fixed seller review deletion issue in bulk action
  • Fixed security issues
  • Fixed seller product activation issue in case of multishop


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