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eDesk by xSellco

eDesk by xSellco Modul

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eDesk by xSellco is the high-performance helpdesk that integrates with all major eCommerce marketplaces, shopping carts and social channels, to help sellers grow their online business and scale their customer support strategy.

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Smarter Evaluation
eDesk centralizes your support into one manageable location. Native integrations and smart features ensure that customer, product, order and shipping details are matched with incoming communications. Dynamic dashboards give you instant visibility on any aspect of your performance.

Faster Action
Act instantly, with all relevant customer information in a single view. Route tickets to those best equipped to respond and resolve. Use A.I. to predict the right response, while templates and autoresponders ensure you hit marketplace SLA's.

eCommerce Resolution
eDesk is purpose-built for online sellers.Combining all your selling and support connections, eDesk layers the smart features eCommerce needs to go from ticket to resolution in half the time.


Build reputation across channels and drive sales. Fully integrated feedback solution to improve seller feedback and product reviews. Focused on positive reviews, to help you rank higher, build reputation, and increase sales.

SLA Management
Respond to queries on time, every time. Ensure you never miss a deadline with clear countdown response and resolution SLA views on every ticket for every marketplace and channel.

Auto Translate
Go global with one- click. Gives your team the ability to communicate in multiple languages, helping scale your business without the need for multilingual agents.

Snippets & Templates
No time for time wasting. Use customizable snippets and pre-built templates to send fast, accurate and personalised replies in seconds.

Never leave a message unanswered. Act faster and meet customer expectations with automated responses.

Create and save limitless smart filters. View your workflow from order type, marketplace and SLA status. Switch instantly between pre-set views. Move through tasks seamlessly.

Organize early and resolve quicker. Automatically categorize your incoming mail with bespoke labels to help efficiently manage your workflow – VIP Buyers, Urgent Returns.

Always improving your service. Analysis & reports on trends and metrics like response times and message volume in your support data. Designed to help you improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Invoice generator
Automatically generate invoices on request. Respond to invoice requests in seconds. eDesk will create and attach an invoice by return with one click.

Ticket assignation
Automate workflows, watch work flow.With eDesk smart agent assignation you always know who is replying to a query, who is helping and who is following the query.

Live chat
Break down barriers with your customers. Easily create a chat widget for your site and in

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One space for all your integrations
Whether you sell on one site, or multiple channels, receive and resolve customer queries from all your online marketplaces and channels, including social and shipping. Our native integrations within eDesk ensure that all of the information you require is brought together in one place and in real time.

Customer Sidebar - One view for faster action
At one glance get all aspects of a customer interaction. Conversation and order history are tied to a comprehensive profile.Native integrations pull in current order details as well as live shipping information within the sidebar so you can evaluate faster.Good ratings mean more sales. Now you can beat SLA's and get rewarded for it. Send or block review requests to help keep your ratings high.

Dashboards - Real-time dynamic insights
An overview of response performance lets you manage resources more effectively.Always get an overview of your SLA compliances, so you can keep beating them.Real-time data on sales means instant visibility on all your orders.

Unlimited customizable rules make it easy to assign incoming tickets to the agents best suited to solve each query. Smart workload management means faster resolution.

One-click A.I. responses
Built on the industry knowledge of managing over 10.25 million messages every month, our machine learning technology will learn to offer you sophisticated responses suited to your customers.

Neue Funktionen von Version 3.0.0(11.01.2019)

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  • Kompatibilität v1.5 - v1.7.5.1

  • Version 3.0.0 (11.01.2019)

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