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Unsere Topseller
V1.6.1.V0 - 8.0.2
Von V1.6.1.0 bis V8.0.2


Collect your products from the shelves or warehouse and prepare your orders live on mobile or tablet, with manual check or by scanning the EAN code of your products and change of order status at each stage.

Was dieses Modul für Sie bedeutet

event_available Hilft Ihnen dabei, Zeit zu sparen
  • Optimization of the order picking process
  • Monitoring of order preparations
  • Preparation of multiple simultaneous orders
  • Automatic change of order statuses

Was Ihre Kunden schätzen werden

  • Update of the processing of his order
  • Receipt of an email when his order goes "in preparation"
  • Receipt of an email when the order is ready


Quick and easy installation, no override

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Technisches Datenblatt

Letztes Update



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Kompatible PrestaShop-Versionen

V1.6.1.0 - V8.0.2

Kompatibilität mit mehreren Geschäften 


Modul / Vorlagenversion

V 2.0.0

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Kommissionierung & Versand


Configuration du module
  • Choose the order statuses being considered as "to prepare" orders
  • Choose an order status to apply when an employee starts picking
  • Choose an order status to apply when an order is ready
  • Allow (or not) the preparation of several orders simultaneously
  • Refresh the page of orders to prepare every X minutes
  • Sorting products by categories / department
  • Display of the stock location in the department / warehouse (if entered)
  • Separation of "classic", "Drive" and "Courier delivery" orders with addition of filterable and sortable collection / delivery dates (linked to the modules concerned)
  • Filterable and sortable list of orders
  • Real-time recording of collected products for later resume or loss of connection
  • Optimized display for smartphones & tablets
  • Possibility of scanning the EAN13 of the products (or attributes) to check it in the list
  • Addition of the customer's note (if any) at the time of preparation
  • Addition in the detail of the order (BO) of the employee who prepared the order with start date and date of the last prepared product
  • Adding protection when an order has already been started by another employee to avoid duplicate preparation
  • Possibility to scan a QR Code of an order to start preparing it

Neue Funktionen von Version 2.0.0(30.01.2023)

  • - UPDATE : (Packs) - Display product details for each pack to be scanned individually
  • - UPDATE : (Order detail BO) - Addition of the possibility to see / continue a picking in process
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress) - Automatic click on "validate collect" after the last product is picked.
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress, Order Preparation) - On clicking the "back" button, redirection to Order Detail if the operator came from it. Otherwise, redirection to list of orders to prepare.
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress) Possibility to scan EAN13 or PRODUCT REFERENCE to identify product to collect
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress) Taking into account the "minimal_quantity" field of a product during the scan (ex: if 5, 5 quantities will be added during a scan)
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress, Order Preparation) Keep notifications displayed. Just tap on it to hide them
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress) Display of an alert message if Prestashop is in maintenance mode, to ADD operator's IP (because of AJAX requests)
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress, Order Preparation) Addition of the possibility to add one or more bags (used to define how many bags are associated with an order pending pickup or delivery)
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress, Order Preparation) Addition of the possibility to add one or more locations (used to define where the order is located pending pickup or delivery)
  • - UPDATE : (Collect in progress, Order Preparation) Addition of the possibility to sort products by "products name, categories, manufacturer or location"
  • - UPDATE : (Preparation in progress) If PACKAGE PICTURES module is installed, add a button "TAKE PICTURE" to take some pictures of package before validating the order
  • - UPDATE : Addition of customer message on first step products collect on "single order preparation mode"
  • - UPDATE : Addition of the possibility to scan an order reference to start it's picking
  • - UPDATE : Addition of Order ID, Reference and Customer informations on "STEP 1 / Collect process" on "single order preparation mode"
  • - UPDATE : (Configuration) Addition of possibility to filter products list to collect by categories, manufacturer, product name
  • - UPDATE : (Configuration) Addition of a new "Order step" that can be set when order is defined as picked-up or delivered
  • - UPDATE : Check compatibility with Prestashop AND 8.0.0
  • - UPDATE : Automatic scroll on scanned product to see which reference / ean is scanned
  • - UPDATE : (Configuration / Preparation validation) Choose if you want to send an email to the customer in case if one or more products are out of stock

Support und Updates

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