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AliExpress Dropshipping PRO - One for All Modul

$59.99 $88.99
AliExpress Dropshipping PRO - One for All

AliExpress Dropshipping PRO - One for All Modul

Entwickelt von Community developer
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V1.6.1.0 - V1.7.7.0
Prestashop AliExpress Dropshipping PRO is a smart module designed to import bulk products from Aliexpress to your online store with Chrome Extension. Automatically fill in the order information for you on AliExpress with just one click.
Von V1.6.1.0 bis V1.7.7.0
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$59.99 $88.99


Prestashop AliExpress Dropshipping PRO is a smart module designed to import bulk products from Aliexpress to your online store with Chrome Extension. Automatically fill in the order information for you on AliExpress with just one click.

Was dieses Modul für Sie bedeutet

event_available Hilft Ihnen dabei, Zeit zu sparen
With the development of information technology, online shopping became a trend. With the abundance of products on Aliexpress, Prestashop Aliexpress Dropshipping PRO born. We provide solution an effortless way for the merchant to manipulate AliExpress items and their combinations, thus, saving tons of time and money.
Prestashop Aliexpress Dropshipping PRO for Aliexpress Dropshipping. Why should you try it ?
If you are planning to become an e-commerce entrepreneur, Dropshipping is the best way in the business. Actually, there are a number of good reasons for that :
  • It doesn’t require a huge investment capital. you will not be spending large amounts of money on opening a physical store.
  • You can easily and efficiently run your business from anywhere in the world. With dropshipping you don’t have to carry out regular stock inventories. Instead, you can directly ship the products from AliExpress to your customers.

Was Ihre Kunden schätzen werden

Directly import automatic bulk drop-shiped from Aliexpress Marketplace into your prestashop Website by our custom built Prestashop AliExpress Dropshipping PRO 3 IN 1 Chrome extension.
  • Automatically fill in the order information for you on aliexpress with just one click.
  • Automatically control product price by applying your global pricing rule with markup condition. Attract your customers by adding specific cents value to the retail price.
  • Automatically import bulk reviews of product from Aliexpress Marketplace into your prestashop Website.
  • Update the latest product information from Aliexpress into your Website Prestashop with just one click.
  • With just three clicks: import automatic product, update latest product information, automatically fulfill order . You have completed the work of a drop shipper.


You must install an Chrome Extension to using the module. The Chrome Extension will help you:
  • Import automatic product from Aliexpress to your prestashop website.
  • Automatically fulfill Prestashop order on Aliexpress with a single click.
  • Change the display language of Aliexpress and the face value.
  • Displays the shipping method of the product and the corresponding shipping time.
Install the Chrome Extension here:

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Kompatible PrestaShop-Versionen

V1.6.1.0 - V1.7.7.0

Kompatibilität mit mehreren Geschäften 


Modul / Vorlagenversion

V 1.2.0

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Import reviews of user
  • Automatic fetch reviews of the product from Aliexpress and import to your Prestashop website
  • Your customers can leave a review for the product in your store
  • Show star review
  • Use reCaptcha when review with many other settings: enable/disable the display of country, name, review date, ...
  • Update the latest reviews of products.
Importing bulk products - Import products from Aliexpress to Prestashop
  • Use a Free Prestashop AliExpress Dropshipping 3 IN 1 Chrome extension which is available in the Chrome extension web store.
  • Import bulk products to Prestashop with just 1-click
  • Change the language on Aliexpress with the corresponding face value of that language the country.
  • Add bulk products to the import list from both Product detail and Category pages.
  • Select parameters of product to import. That information includes default categories, meta title, meta description, tags, image combinations, features, and product description.
  • Define the default categories for imported products.
  • Set up a default supplier for imported products.
  • Display product list imported
  • Automatically add prices to products according to product price range settings at your convenience.
  • Turn on / off the "Ship from" display if the merchant doesn't want it.
  • Quickly edit product price, shipping price, ... before import
Order automation
  • Automatically fulfill the order on Aliexpress with a single click for any order of imported products on your Prestashop online store.
Update latest product information
  • Update latest product information on Aliexpress into your Prestashop with just 1-click
Pre-define customizations before import from Aliexpress to Prestashop
  • Add tax for product price (optional)
  • Set up auto pricing rules for different price ranges with markup, multiplier, or increase conditions.
  • Add a custom note to the supplier on AliExpress checkout page
  • Set up for reviews of the product
Allows custom display of records for each page of the imported product.
Display the status of products that exist or don't exist on the Aliexpress market when bulk update products.
Update inventory quantity and latest price of products on Aliexpress


  • It is mandatory for a website to be HTTPS.  
  • Contact us anytime if you fall into any problem when import products on Aliexpress to your Website Prestashop. Our support team is available 24/7 to support you.
  • Get the Aliexpress Dropshipping PRO now and make your life much easier with dropshipping.
  • If you like the module, please rate us with 5 stars. We highly evaluate such action that helps promote the module better to other merchants who are in need of this module. Thanks in advance!.
  • You can import bulk products on Aliexpress into your website easily  using our module . You don't need any other tools .

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.2.0(25.05.2020)

  • [v1.2.0]
  • [New] Automatically update imported products with just one click.
  • [New] Display the status of the product on Aliexpress.
  • [New] Allow selecting the number of products displayed per page easily.
  • [New] Search Aliexpress ID of imported products easily.
  • [New] Allow creating price rule automatically apply on products with prices in the created price range.
  • [New] Turn on / off the country display of reviews.
  • [New] Allows turning on / off the "Ship from" setting of the product.
  • Fix photo errors with the combination of products.

Support und Updates

Sie profitieren automatisch von 3 Monaten Support für dieses Produkt.

Für 90 Tage nach dem Kauf können Sie sich über technischen und funktionalen Support sowie über Zugang zu verfügbaren Aktualisierungen für dieses Produkt freuen.

Garantieren Sie mit der Option Zen 12 Monate lang ein reibungsloses Funktionieren dieses Produkts in Ihrem Online-Shop!

Dank der Option Zen haben Sie für ein Jahr ab Kauf Zugang zu ALLEN Aktualisierungen des Produkts. Der Entwickler des Produkts begleitet Sie über E-Mail-Kommunikation mit Antworten auf alle technischen und funktionsbezogenen Fragen.

Was ist die Option Zen?

Die Option Zen beinhaltet zwei Services:

  • einen während der Laufzeit der Option unbegrenzten After-Sales-Support;
  • den Zugang zu allen Updates des Moduls oder Themas während dieses Zeitraums.

Die Option Zen wird beim Kauf dieses Produkts zum Vorteilspreis angeboten. Darüber hinaus kann sie auch nach dem Kauf dessen über Ihr Kundenkonto erworben werden.rnSie ist ab dem Kaufdatum Ihres Produkts bis zu ein Jahr gültig. Je eher Sie es kaufen, desto länger profitieren Sie davon!

Was beinhaltet die Option Zen?

Die Option Zen umfasst:

  • Beantwortung von Fragen zur Nutzung des Moduls/Themas;
  • Lösung technischer Probleme im Zusammenhang mit dem Modul/Thema;
  • Zugang zu allen Updates des Moduls/Themas.

Folgende Leistungen sind nicht in der Option Zen inbegriffen:

  • Personalisierung und spezifische Entwicklung;
  • Durchführung der Installation und von Updates des Moduls/Themas;
  • Lösung von Problemen bezüglich der Dienstleistungen von Drittanbietern, des Hostings, des Servers oder der PrestaShop-Software.

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