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V1.6.0.V4 - 8.0.1
Von V1.6.0.4 bis V8.0.1


Let your buyers customize and view their personalized product before purchasing. Get happy customers buying from you and coming back for more.

Was dieses Modul für Sie bedeutet

insert_chart Bietet Ihren Kunden ein auf sie zugeschnittenes Produkt
  • Wow your visitors: customers can see their fully customized product before buying
  • Less back and forth: get an approved, ready-for-print file for all your custom order
  • Increase your margins: charge a percentage or a fixed rate for each customization
  • Grow your sales: give your customers the exact product they are looking for
  • More time on your site: real-time 3D product previews give visitors an immersive experience
Zakeke Product Customizer lets customers personalize any product (clothing, promotional gifts, paper products, shoes, jewelry, watches) and visualize how they’ll look before checking out.
You’ll never have to prepare proofs again or hear back from angry customers complaining “this isn’t what it’s supposed to look like”. Customers always know what they are going to get before buying, which means fewer refunds, fewer complaints, and more 5-star ratings.

Was Ihre Kunden schätzen werden

Other product customizers only allow customers to make changes from a menu or a pre-set list of configurations.
Zakeke Product Customizer offers an immersive creation experience where users design their product and see a live preview.
They can personalize their favorite products using images, text, colors and patterns or use pre-made templates to find a look they love and add their unique touch. Each customer will know exactly what they are going to get, before buying.
Zakeke Product Customizer is very intuitive for customers. It’s simple and fast—even on mobile devices.
  • Unlimited printing areas: customize all sides and angles in your products and print on as many parts as you wish.
  • Flexible printing methods: set as many printing methods as you want and define related output format and quality (DPI).
  • Unlimited fonts: import your own fonts for customizations. Limit font availability by printing method or on a product-by-product case.
  • Multilingual out of the box: Zakeke automatically detects your store’s language. If your language is not supported, you can use the built-in translator tool and personalize it to connect with your buyers.
  • Not just for print: get print-ready files that can be used for engraving, embroidery and personalization methods other than printing.
  • Zakeke matches your branding: easily match Zakeke to your store’s design. No need to fiddle with CSS and liquid files.
  • Advanced pricing control: you decide exactly how much you want to charge for each customization. Set rules that control prices based on quantity, setup costs, number of colors, and personalization areas.
  • White-label customizer: remove the “Powered by Zakeke” tagline to give your users a 100% white-label experience.
  • Printing method per product side: set as many printing method and customization settings for each side of your products.
  • Works in your currency: +50 currencies supported.
  • Save time with bulk import: easily import products and variations in bulk from your store by using a CSV file.
  • PNG masks: define customization areas with transparent PNGs.


Zakeke Product Customizer is a cloud-based application that works every single time. No matter how complex or demanding each customization is. Integrate Zakeke Product Customizer to your store and forget about coding, hosting, updates, and maintenance.
Just follow these steps:
  • Install Zakeke Product Customizer in your store
  • Create your inventory of customizable products
  • Publish your products live
  • Get happy customers buying from you… and coming back for more
Support and updates
Get access to a complete Guidance Center and our helpdesk from your Admin Panel. We resolve 97% of support requests within one day and frequently update our tools with fixes and new features. Our friendly team will assist you from implementation to launch.


We love this app… Very easy to use… and you can setup your products quickly. Customer service is very fast to respond, always within 24 hours or less. And I’m sure they will even improve the app even further. We have used many Customizer apps in the past and like this one best because the look is very professional, and the service is outstanding…
Best One! This product designer plugin is cleary the best one: simple and clean. I had a display problem with my theme on mobile devices, and the dev team solved it really fast. All the best for you guys.
We are very happy with the Zakeke product customizer! Everything works smoothly! A fair price / performance ratio. Handling is clear, for both sides, administrators and users. If there are any problems or questions, a great customer support is available and actively supported. We are very satisfied.
I just wanted to give feedback on what an excellent product and service you have provided my business! Zakeke product designer is a miracle and magical!! you have taken so much stress and frustration out from the hassle of using plugins that just don’t work. Most have the processing on the server the plugin is hosted on but having the chance to use a service like this is a major change and certainly a breakthrough for this industry! When I first set it up was easy and super functional. Your team is incredible and I really truly appreciate the quality work you put into this software thanks!
We searched high and low for a customize product plugin that worked well on both mobile and desktop and THIS IS IT! Most product designers work great on desktop, but really struggle on mobile. The Zakeke product designer on mobile looks just like an app – it’s amazing.
Very pleased with this app highly recommend it great customer service and the software is absolutely fantastic for what we need.
The real reason why I’m switching several of my stores over to this? The price. It is priced fairly and in a manner that they want you to grow and succeed. They aren’t just trying to recoup their money, they see a long term investment in your functioning business as the better option than large outlandish fees. Massively impressed with this app, I would recommend anyone who is currently using another personalisation app sets aside an hour to test this out – It’s all you'll need!I genuinely want these guys to become the biggest custom product app because they've done such a good job.

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Kompatible PrestaShop-Versionen

V1.6.0.4 - V8.0.1

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V 3.4.0

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Bundels & Personalisierung


  • Text customization: customers can add text to your products, change its color, size, orientation, rotation and choose their favorite fonts.
  • Clipart and images: upload a catalog of pre-selected artwork for clients to pick and create new designs in minutes.
  • Own images: customers can upload their own images and use them to create uniquely personal products.
  • Product variations: allow visitors to change colors, sizes and styles to match exactly what they want.
  • Realtime 3D view: customers will see 3D models of their customized products that they can zoom in on, rotate and move around.
  • Product Configurator: customers can build their own versions of your products choosing components, changing elements, and customizing colors and materials.
  • Augmented Reality: use AR to show your visitors a 3D replica of their product in their own house.
Customer Support that’s always ready to help
Our friendly team will assist you from implementation to launch. We typically reply to all questions in the same day.
Works on any print-on-demand product
Simply define what area of your product you want to allow customizations for and that’s it.
Get more sales from mobile devices
The customizer interface works smoothly on any device and screen size.
Full control of your pricing
You decide exactly how much you want to charge for each customization. Increase your average purchase value and your margins.
Receive print-ready files
Each order comes with the right files, every single time. No more fussing with clients sending files that won’t print properly. Simply get the files and go to print.


Zakeke Product Customizer is perfect for these e-commerce businesses:
  • Clothing for Women, Men and Kids
  • Shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Bibs
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Phone cases
  • Hats & Caps
  • Backpacks
  • Pins
  • Art & Wall Decor
  • Accessories
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Mugs
  • Pillows & Covers
  • Stationery
  • Stickers
  • Magnets
  • Posters

Neue Funktionen von Version 3.4.0(04.11.2022)

  • PrestaShop 8 support

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