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Sticky Punchlines (Reinsurance)

Sticky Punchlines (Reinsurance) Modul

Entwickelt von Community developer
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Improve your credibility and highlight your strengths with Sticky Punchlines!
This module allows you to display a horizontal banner containing your reinsurance all the time visible at the bottom of the screen, with a totally responsive design.

Vorteile und Modulbeschreibung


Conversion-Rate Verbessert das Sicherheitsgefühl von Kunden auf Ihrer Website

Reassure visitors of your website
When a user discovers an online store, he must have confidence to order. With this module, you are sure to reinsure it.
Highlight your strengths
The services or values ​​of your brand are important points in the purchase decision. With this module, highlight easily your strengths to the user.
Easily offer quality content to your visitors
Each reinsurance is clickable and allows to display a personalized text written by you. When the user clicks on the reinsurance, a nested window opens, which makes it possible not to bring the user on another page.
Make your theme more attractive
To differentiate yourself from your competitors, every detail counts. In order to have a site that stands out in terms of features, this totally customizable banner will earn you points.
Customize the module to your colors
A module must marry perfectly with your site. No need for additional complex development, you can customize everything from your back office.


  • Sticky reinsurance on mobiles and small tablets: displays a horizontal banner containing reinsurance at the bottom of the screen on all the pages of your site.
  • Sticky reinsurance on computers and large tablets: displays a horizontal banner containing reinsurance at the bottom of the screen on all the pages of your site. A short descriptive text can be added under each reinsurance.
  • Opening a nested window at click: possibility to write text for each reassurance. This text appears in a nested window when reinsurance is clicked.
  • Computer / tablet / mobile display: possibility to display the module only on certain supports according to your needs and products / services.
  • Choice of colors: possibility of customizing all the colors of the modules: background color of the banner, text color of reinsurance.
  • Advanced CSS Customization: Can add custom CSS to add specific development.
  • Uploading icons: possibility to upload images for the aspect of your reinsurance. These images can then have a name as well as a position.

Werden häufig zusammen gekauft

Fügen Sie "Sticky Punchlines (Reinsurance)" mit dem folgenden Artikel zu Ihrem Warenkorb hinzu:

  • Die Referenzierung der Bilder von Produktseiten wird häufig vernachlässigt, doch ist sie ein wichtiger Faktor für die Sichtbarkeit von E-Commerce-Websites in Suchmaschinen. Mit dem Modul SEO Images (ALT-Tags) wird das Ausfüllen der ALT-Tags Ihrer Produktbilder mit hochwertigem Inhalt automatisiert. Auf diese Weise können Sie sich auf ein besseres Ranking Ihrer Webseiten verlassen.

  • Reduzieren Sie Kaufabbrüche im Warenkorb Ihres Shops, indem Sie direkt im Browser-Tab Ihrer Kunden eine Benachrichtigung hinzufügen. Die Installierung und Einstellung dieses Moduls dauert weniger als 30 Sekunden. Es zeigt dann neben Ihrem Favicon die Anzahl der Artikel im Warenkorb Ihrer Kunden an. Dieser direkte und effiziente Push erinnert Ihre Nutzer daran, dass sich in ihrem Warenkorb noc



The module is usually compatible with all themes without problems. Nonetheless, if your theme is highly customised with overrides this can result on a undesired display of the module. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if this is your case.

Was Ihre Kunden schätzen werden

A quick and clear knowledge of your strengths
How long will I be delivered? Is the payment secure? Where do the products from this merchant come from? Answer all the questions surfers ask themselves quickly and clearly.
A better UX e-commerce experience
Reinsurance is a key point today on an e-commerce store. However when we click on it to get more information, we are often redirected to another landing page. As a result, it affects the customer's customer journey and may discourage them from finalizing their order. With our nested windows, make sure you offer a navigation satisfaction!


For reasons of aesthetics, we advise you not to display more than 6 reinsurances at a time.

Support und Updates

Sie profitieren automatisch von 3 Monaten Support für dieses Produkt.

Für 90 Tage nach dem Kauf können Sie sich über technischen und funktionalen Support sowie über Zugang zu verfügbaren Aktualisierungen für dieses Produkt freuen.

Option Installation

The module is easy to install, you have 2 ways of doing it:
From the back office:
1.     Log in to the back office of your Prestashop ecommerce
2.     Go to the Modules section and click install a module
3.     Select the .zip file downloaded from the Add-ons page after your purchase
4.     Search for the module on installed modules and click on configure
1.     Unzip the .zip file downloaded from the Add-ons page after your purchase
2.     Upload it to the /modules folder of your boutique

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.0.3(22.05.2018)

  • Updated new logo

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Community developer

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  • Kompatibilität v1.7.0.0 - v1.7.4.4

  • Version 1.0.3 (22.05.2018)

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