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To order in mass

To order in mass Modul

Entwickelt von Community developer
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 This module makes it possible to your customers to order several products at the same time whatever the quantities of products. 

Vorteile und Modulbeschreibung


Conversion-Rate Optimiert den Kaufvorgang

 This module enables you to give the possibility to your important customers of reducing the task of order of products. You to give them the possibility of gaining in time.


 This module makes it possible to your customers at the same time to carry out an order of several products and with different quantities.

Side front office:
This module makes it possible to your customers to make orders of several simultaneous products with different quantities by products. A menu of which create you at the place where you want will allow you customers to reach the page of order in mass. There they will have just to enter the quantity of products of each product and of validate.
The whole of the active products of your shop and their variations are presented. A pagination for the presentation is to include.
Side back office :
The use of this module is very simple, it is enough for you just after installation to the module to parameterize the number of products to be presented by page and to choose the categories of products concerned with the process of order in mass.

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To order in mass
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  • Community developer Entwickelt von

    PrestaShop v1.5.5.0 - v1.6.1.18 Kompatibilität

  • Community developer Entwickelt von

    PrestaShop v1.5.0 - v1.7.3 Kompatibilität

  • PrestaShop Entwickelt von

    PrestaShop v1.6.0 - v1.7.3 Kompatibilität

Was Ihre Kunden schätzen werden

 The customers will be able order simultaneously a block of products instead of ordering produced after product and or several times the same product.


 It is advised to empty all the mask and to regenerate the indices of the module “block layered” for its good performance on the level of navigation with facet.

Support und Updates

Sie profitieren automatisch von 3 Monaten Support für dieses Produkt.

Für 90 Tage nach dem Kauf können Sie sich über technischen und funktionalen Support sowie über Zugang zu verfügbaren Aktualisierungen für dieses Produkt freuen.

Option Installation

 This module settles natively. No file is overloaded. But you must follow the recommendations indicated in the instruction manual (left installation).

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.2.1(14.03.2016)

  • Upgrade of the list of the other module on let us addons
  • Update of the id addon of the module

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  • 3 Monate Support gratis (Mehr dazu)
  • Mit Dokumentation
  • Kompatibilität v1.5.5.0 - v1.6.1.18

  • Version 1.2.1 (14.03.2016)

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