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Background Changer

Background Changer Module

Developed by Community
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Background Changer is a module, that allows to make your storefront background more dynamic. It can be set to change periodically, on a specific interval, affect only a set position and so on.

What this module does for you

This will add a little bit more uniqueness to your website.
Can be used to surprise your customers with unique backgrounds for specific holidays, weekends, sale-outs and other events.


  • Random mode - makes background switch randomly
  • Interval - makes background switch after set period of time
  • Adjustable date - background will appear only during set interval
  • Unlimited backgrounds
  • Custom position per each wallpaper(left, center, right, top, middle, bottom)
  • Custom repeat options per each wallpaper(tile, vertical, horizontal, none)
  • Custom icon to show background selection options for customers
  • Disable/Enable option to quick change background status
  • All settings can be set in "Background" TAB of the tools section

What your customers will like

Browsing a shop is more fun when you can customize it a bit.
User can select his/her own background which will be remembered on the following visits.
Sudden change of background during holidays or sale-outs will signal the users to check out new deals.


Available hooks (for wallpaper select control):

  • top
  • leftColumn
  • rightColumn

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  • Version1.0 (04/20/2012)
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