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All-in-one Rewards: loyalty sponsorship affiliation FB Module

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Allows your customers to earn rewards, all grouped into a single account, while developing SEO and reputation of your shop: loyalty program, sponsorship (multilevel, self-promotional), affiliation, facebook and more.
Your sales will really increase !

Merchant Benefits

Get tons of new customers and increase your brand reputation thanks to the All-in-one Rewards module !

This module allows to set up a complete system of rewards in your shop to increase SEO and reputation thanks to the virality of the system, and to follow very precisely the performance.


Specifically, the module now includes the single account system, a loyalty program, a highly configurable sponsorship/affiliation program, and a reward system for people liking your shop on Facebook, generating publicity for your shop.
It was designed to be highly scalable so in the future we will easily add new rewards, such as a reward when the customer leaves a feedback on your product pages. The ideas are not lacking!

Rewards Account
Main features:
  • Choice of the status of the order in which rewards are validated or canceled.
  • Customizable labels for displaying the status of rewards in the customer account.
  • Blocking rewards as the legal deadline for the return of products is not exceeded.
  • Choice of the minimum required in the rewards account and of the customers group allowed to transform rewards into vouchers
  • Settings for vouchers generated from the rewards account.
  • Affiliation : choice of the minimum required in the rewards account and of the customers group allowed to ask for payments.
  • Affiliation : ability to apply a convertion rate for payments (ex: if 75%, 100€ rewards will give 75% payment in cash) and to choose if an invoice is required.
  • Ability to add or modify the rewards directly from the customer's account in the back-end.
  • Reminder email with available amount in the rewards account can be automatically sent. You can choose the minimum required in account, and the emails frequency.
  • All amounts in the module's settings can be converted in the different currencies by simply clicking the button next to each field.
Loyalty program
How it works : The customer get a reward based on the total price of his purchases (shipping and coupons deducted). The amount of the reward is displayed in the product page and in the cart summary.
Example : Every € 10 spent, the customer wins € 1
For a product which price is € 58, the client will get € 5 reward.
For a product which price is € 110, the customer will get € 11 reward.
For a product which price is € 8, the customer will not get a reward.

Main features:
  • Automatic import of data from the "old" loyalty modules. Automatic deactivation of these modules.
  • Activation or deactivation of the loyalty program.
  • Setting of the rewards.
  • Option allowing to not accounting special offers in the calculation of the total.
  • Send email to the customer on validation, modification (product removed from the order), or cancellation of the reward.
  • Management of the categories of products eligible for loyalty rewards
  • Management of the groups of clients eligible for loyalty rewards
Sponsorship program / Affiliation
How it works : The customer invites his friends to discover the shop. They register on the shop and possibly receive a coupon valid on their first purchase. When placing an order on the site that it is validated, the sponsor will receive his reward. Sponsorship on several levels is possible, and a reward may be awarded for all purchases of referrals, not just the first one.

Main features:
  • Automatic import of data from the "old" modules: referralprogram, or advancedreferralprogram. Automatic deactivation of these modules.
  • Activation or deactivation of the sponsorship program.
  • 7 ways to invite his friends : sponsorship link (for blogs, forums...), special Facebook, Twitter or Google +1 link, email invitation, or simply giving its email address or sponsor code to enter on the registration form.
  • Option to choose the image that will be used on Facebook when a customer share his sponsorship link.
  • Sponsor code or email entered during registration process is verified in real time to avoid any error.
  • Option to choose if the target of the link is the homepage or the subscription form
  • Open Inviter integration, allowing the customer to connect to its mailboxes from the store, and retrieve the contacts to invite them without having to enter their information.
  • Recognition of spontaneous inscriptions, without prior invitation.
  • Registration form pre-filled if the friend was invited by email.
  • Selection of customer groups allowed to become sponsors.
  • Multiple configuration options for the voucher of the sponsored friend, and in particular type: fixed reduction, percentage of the order or free shipping. You can decide which categories of products are allowed to use the voucher.
  • Option to set the number of times the voucher can be used by the sponsored friend, and to choose if partial use is allowed.
  • Option to disable the voucher for sponsored friend, and option to disable the sponsor's reward.
  • The sponsor can receive a reward only for the first order of its friends, or for each of their orders.
  • Reward with fixed amount or as a percentage of the sponsored friend's order (shipping excluded), with the option of not taking into account the discounted products in the calculation of the total.
  • Minimum for the sponsored friend's order (you can choose if shipping is included or not) below which the sponsor does not receive a reward..
  • Automatically open a pop-in incentive for sponsorship after the checkout process.
  • Automatically open a pop-in incentive for sponsorship that opens every X days (adjustable).
  • Customizable texts, with support for HTML, for pop-in, the form of invitation in the customer's account, and the sponsorship program rules.
  • Multi-level sponsorship, with parameters defined by reward levels, and number of levels limited or unlimited.
  • Send email to the customer, sponsor(s) and admin on validation, modification or cancellation of the reward.
  • Ability to create a sponsorship and the welcome voucher directly from the customer's account in the back-end.
  • Complete statistics for both the customer and the administrator, with details by levels of sponsorship, channel registration...
  • Integration of the statistics in the customer profile and in the order's pages in the back office.
Facebook "Like" rewards
How it works : Encourage customers to join your Facebook community by clicking "Like" offering a small reward. It increases the strength of your communication, and automatically expands your SEO by making advertising on the Facebook wall of your customers.
If the visitor already has an account on your store, he gets a new reward in his account. Otherwise, he gets a voucher pushing him to make his first purchase.

Main features:
  • Automatic import of data from the "Facebook fan coupon" (fbpromote) module. Automatic deactivation of that module.
  • Choice of the places where the "Like" button will be displayed : header, footer, cart summary, left and right column (in a block with customizable text or just the "Like" button).
  • Customization of all texts with differences between members and simple visitors.
  • Ability to offer the reward only to members.
  • Multiple configuration options for the voucher, and choice of the reward value.
  • Send email to the administrator when someone "Like" or "Unlike" your shop.
Additional features
  • Automatically check for new version of the module.
  • Direct link to contact the developer.
And in future releases
  • Ability to set the value of the reward for each product in loyalty program (and probably the dates for the reward !)
  • Ability to set the value of the reward per customer for loyalty and sponsorship
  • Many others ideas...

Customer Benefits

More customers are talking about your site, more they earns in return.
No multiplication of coupons, no more multiple interfaces, now everything is centralized in a single account, the "Rewards Account", and the customer can check its balance at any time.

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