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Mobile/desktop theme switcher

Mobile/desktop theme switcher Module

Developed by Community developer
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The module identifies the type of the device used to browse the Prestashop site (mobile phone, tablet or PC / laptop) and allows to apply different site themes for these devices

What this module does for you

The reality today is that more and more people use mobile devices for browsing the Internet, including the purchases they perform in online shops with all the same mobile phones and tablets. Each day the number of such users grows, and, due to the specifics of mobile devices, there is a need to optimize web sites to display correctly on most mobile devices.As an administrator or owner of online store you are likely to be interested in attracting mobile users, but for this you need to make a step towards potential visitors. What kind of step? To answer this question for the start evaluate the mobile-readiness of your site (there are free online services, such as ready.mobi). If you find the mobile-readiness of your site poor and you want to improve it, then one possible solution might be to develop a new theme for mobile users. This decision seems reasonable, and you're ready to create a mobile version of your site, but ... The standard version of Prestashop does not allow more than one theme usage and does not allow identification of the device type used for viewing the site, that is, all visitors can see only one version of your site. So, there is a need to identify the type of device used to browse the site and use of appropriate theme. The “Mobile/desktop theme switcher” was created to solve this problem. Based on the data transmitted by the device to the site, the module determines with a high degree of reliability the type of the device and applies the theme that the site administrator has chosen to use with this type of device. The module allows you to set different themes for mobile phones, tablets, and standard systems (desktops / laptops). Number of themes used for each type of device is not limited to just one theme, you can apply different theme modifications to the individual site pages.


Features include:- automatic determination of type of device used to browse the site and use of relevant theme, - the ability to apply themes for mobile phones, tablets or standard systems, - the ability to apply a modified theme to a product category, a group of product categories or all product categories - the individual theme can be set for each cms page, a group of cms pages or all cms pages - the individual theme can be applied to every standard Prestashop site page (like index.php which is site homepage, order.php, manufacturer.php and so on) or group of those pages - for multilingual sites it is possible to apply own theme for every language - live / test display mode

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